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Chris Fagan press conference after Brisbane Lions loss to Melbourne Demons

Brisbane coach Chris Fagan’s humiliating defeat at Melbourne “is as bad as what we have played for a long time,” he said, recalling the big defeats he suffered at the beginning of his Lions’ tenure.

On Thursday night, the Lions were humiliated by the constant dressing of demons in the MGG, suffering a 64-point loss due to the brutal treatment of Fagan soldiers.

After the Lions kicked three of their first four goals of the game, Melbourne got a ruthless gear in the Premier League statement, with Brisbane having no choice but to stop the opposition.

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Speaking to reporters after the game, Fagan said the biggest defeat was reminiscent of a string of defeats in 2017 and 2018, when he won just 10 of his first 44 games.

“I didn’t see him come – and I don’t think he saw us in the first quarter,” Fagan told reporters after the game.

“It was an exciting start – but this game always depends on who wins the state fight – so who wins the race – and who wins Melbourne.” We had to lose more than we did. We are lucky that they did not hit straight.

“This is as bad as the fact that we have been playing for so long and for so long. That would take me back to the first two years (when Fagan was my coach). This has not been the case for the last three or four years. A frustrating night for us, but the way they played for Melbourne. They were on a song “

Lions deserve ‘final ceremonies’ after loss | 01:15

Fagan said Brisbane’s performance was “out of character.”

“You don’t usually get it from us,” he said.

“Before Thursday night, we lost three games by a small margin. We weren’t hunting outside of the first quarter, so it’s very sad.

“But it is not the end of the world. We’ll play it again next week and have a chance to redeem it.

On Thursday night, the demons dominated the charcoal front, convincingly counting by winning points (+38), clearance (+11) and 50 (+19), especially since the quarterback.

Demons come out of the abyss in style | 02 4 Hum 44

Fagan said the difference in football was particularly “impressive”.

“We talked. Parts of your game try to do what you do not do, but if you can’t win the competition, it really does not work for you.

Asked if the performance would upset Brisbane’s middle class, Fagan said: “I think it will. i hope so. Otherwise, if we repeat it next week, we will not get anything tonight.

Daniel Rich and Oscar Macknerni have earned points, according to Fagan Hugh Mac Kluggaj. “We didn’t have many good players other than that,” said Fagan.

“I gave the men the Muliga and should I move on? Or do we go to great lengths to analyze? I have not yet decided which way to go, but there are two options. ”

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