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Collingwood defeats Melbourne, Ed Langdon one-trick pony comment, Jack Crisp, Brayden Maynard tackle

Collingwood used Ed Langdon’s “one-trick pony” criticism as inspiration for their thrilling win over Melbourne, with Jack Crisp describing the team’s reaction as “eff you”.

Speaking ahead of Friday night’s match, Demons wingman Langdon, discussing the Magpies’ tactics, said on SEN: “It’s all ducks, there’s no dinner really. They are a tough team to stop if they play fast according to their contract.

They’re a little tricky sometimes, so hopefully we can play the way they want to play and get out from behind and play the way we want to play offensively.

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The idiom ‘all duck, no dinner’ doesn’t really mean ‘all or nothing’ – as ‘all bark, no bite’ seems to have been taken by many – but either way the quote quickly found its way to the magpies.

Jack Crisp revealed to that Brayden Maynard sent the quote to a group WhatsApp group chat on Thursday, and it was then used by coach Craig McRae in a pre-match team talk.


“Everyone heard it yesterday. Bruzi put it in our group WhatsApp group, they always have a few jokes in there. Fly (McRae) had a pregame on the board as well,” Crisp said.

“There are so many different aspects to our game, I don’t know what the trick is, but we keep finding ways to win in different ways. It’s great to see everyone on the same page. “

Asked if it triggered him, Crisp said, “A little bit. Everyone is a little different. Everybody saw it yesterday and was like, wow, we’ll show you.

“We have to be motivated, the coach has done a great job of stepping us up and everyone else on the board. We know what we play, we know what we bring, we know what our best foot looks like.

Ed Langdon of Demons seems depressed after his disappearance. (Photo by Michael Wilson/AFL Photos via Getty Images)Source: Getty Images

He added, in what seemed like advice to Langdon: “I’m not a slob, I’m just going about my business, but if you lose to me and then it’s like, ‘Oh shit,’ I won’t leave early.”

Maynard showed the football world the Magpies mean business in the opening seconds of the win when he and several of his teammates made a heavy tackle on Langdon.

Speaking on Fox Footy after the game, Maynard said: “We used it as a bit of a springboard to look back on.

“Ed Langdon sometimes talks in the media and I think he doesn’t understand what he’s talking about.

“I let him know about it the first time I helped him.”

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