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What a difference 12 months has been for Collingwood Football Club.

At this point, last year the Magpies were in the top four – eventually finishing 17th – and are thought to be on the verge of rebuilding their entire list.

But with new coach Craig McCrey, a new hope and a renewed club has come, now six points clear at the top of the table.

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Some believe that the top four are not in question for Collingwood this season and that they can still compete for the flag in the coming years. Heck said the Saints’ Nick Nick Realt could win this year’s Premier League this week.

And with the revival, the club is now facing a number of interesting management decisions at the end of the season, targeting friends such as Brisbane Dan Maxtai and GSS ‘Bobby Hill.

So despite previous calls for Pisces to prioritize the draft and bring in more young talent – as they have had two seasons in the past – the club’s impressive recovery will force him to change his detailed management strategy to return to the real flag. Argument?

Like any other league in the league, it has star players such as Darsie Moore, Jack Crisp, Jordan de Goy, Brody Grundi, Breiden Maineard, Jeremy Howe, Scott Pendlbury, Steele Sidney and Brody Mihosek, among others. Newcomers Nick Dykos, Jack Ginivan and Oli Henry.

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But with the club widely predicted to be on the road to rebuilding, Collingwood Premier League captain Tony Shaw does not think the club has seen it that way – or does not think the revival should affect the strategy.

“I’m not sure if the plan will change, because I don’t know how other people feel.

“I never thought they would want to start over again. I was not in that camp – and I don’t think the club is in that camp.

“I never thought they were rebuilding. A new coach regularly gives a new voice that inspires faith and helps players.

Is the answer MCStay?

In light of Collingwood’s season targets, Brisbane Lions’ free agent Dan Maxtai appears to be at the forefront, with Herald Sun correspondent John Ralph reporting that he is “certain” to become Magpi by 2023.

The 27-year-old has been linked with a five-year five-year deal with Collingwood as he seeks to return to Victoria.

Former Magpies coach Nathan Buckley has demanded that SEN be forced to leave the club due to wage constraints two years ago.

The cost of one season is $ 600,000, with Maxay failing to score more than 28 goals in a single season.

That criticism has been compounded by the fact that he has not conceded a goal in the last three games during the last weeks of silence.

However, 195 cm Maxtay, who can play on both sides of the country, made his professional debut last year after being hit by an ACL injury.

And as Collingwood moves from Gold Coast to Richmond at the end of 2018, Tom Lynch, who has been surprisingly lost, is weeping for the key to the race under Bullley – and is eager to add another target. 50 with Brody Mihock.

The Pisces are interested in McStay, and are expected to land the Lions in the future. (Photo by Albert Perez / AFL Photos by Getty)Source fall-FOX SPORTS

Mason Cox has shown promising signs in recent weeks, but has not been consistent in his work. And like Darsie Cameron, Cox is a fool who transmits more than the opposite.

Therefore, there is an argument that the price of mascara should not be measured by vacuum and that it has been added to Collingwood in particular. If they score 30 goals next year and push up, will that be a victory? What exactly did you spend to improve?

Of course, Carlton has been criticized for overpaying players in recent years, but all of a sudden he boasts one of the best in the competition.

Show Maxine did not see an answer to Collingwood’s key emptiness in the future – it could cost more by asking if there were other options – but said the 152-player would still be a valuable addition to the team. Key Defender.

“He is not a big key to the future, but he is a good player,” said the 1990 Premier League champions.

“For $ 600,000, it’s cheap to spend long hours online. Pretty players are now earning $ 400,0000.

“You don’t want to spend more on him, there is no doubt about that. But I like the way he goes, he’s a contender ዶላር 600,000.

“Bloody nightmare fuel!” Armstrong Fry | 05:09

Re-signing De Goዪ… at the right price

De Goy seems to be locked in a re-signing with Collingwood last month until the controversial Bali escapes.

With the Magpies a $ 3.2 million discount for a limited free agent – a two-year contract for another two years at a cost of $ 800,000 at one time.

De Goi’s latest offense could be a blessing in disguise for Collingwood if he can keep the controversial star signature at a discount. The club will hold on to the revised request and you will think ‘take it or leave it’.

And it’s a good opportunity for rival clubs to try to save the 26-year-old from the IIA center long ago.

While it is widely rumored that De Goi will not be able to order in the open market with a seven-digit salary, it is believed that it could attract long-term offers of up to $ 800,000 per season – the Magpies may not. Willingness to match.

As with previous contracts, it will either be a matter of staying loyal to Collingwood or moving on for a longer payday. PS In general, many players do not leave the club, but in this case it may be good for both parties to shake hands and go their separate ways.

De Goi is in action this year. (Photo by Darrian Trainor / Getty Images)Source fall-FOX SPORTS

Yes, they still want to keep him, but the reality is that, like De Goi, he may be a bad player – he may have reached the ceiling as a player, and sometimes he may steal unnecessary attention. He also seems to have no value to Collingwood in terms of talent.

Whatever decision De Goi and Collingwood make, they will play a key role in building the club’s future and how much capital it will move forward.

“He had a lot of support for the club, he didn’t deserve to be a big star, but he’s still getting it,” said Shaw.

“It could cost up to $ 700,000 at a time – I don’t want to go any further because of its history. He is offered more than I can imagine at other clubs.

He still has to do a little, he is not a dangerous field or dust. Even with the Gold Coast winning Collingwood Reporter, I thought he was very poor. Hmmm, maybe he was scared to come back after that, which is okay.

“He is disgusting, he has a good heart, but he has some issues. If you can, you can do something about it. ”

GRUNdy shock

The Gundy PCL injury in the 6th round has made Collingwood the best hypothetical life for two Australians – and now at the time Darcy Cameron’s arrival is something to think about.

Collingwood joins Cameroon on the air as the number one player – winning 7-2 in the 7th round and making his best win since the 2019 season.

While Gundi is still one of the top performers in AFL, his lucrative $ 7 million contract until 2027 is making a huge splash on the payroll – and he has not returned to his former Australian after signing that deal. He was once considered the same height as Max Gaun.

In addition to the 28-year-old’s lucrative contract, Collingwood will be able to move forward with a wide range of financial options and select an early draft in the process.

Although Grundi went down, he still had a market – especially if Pis had contributed to his salary – but any action would be taken only if a consensus was reached.

Grundi scored a goal on Anzac Day. (Photo by Getty Images by Dylan Burns / AFL)Source fall-FOX SPORTS

It may not be enough evidence that the Magpies should explore Grundy’s business for sure, and the club clearly want him and Cameron to get the right view on the same side – at the end of the season. He can still come back and make them better.

In addition, any decision on Grundi could affect De Goi’s future, as it is difficult to see whether Pisces allowed both stars to go in the same season.

Shaw Grundy believes that only on the field can determine how important Gundi is to the club, both on and off the field, but he has challenged the star to continue as a footballer.

“It depends on how influential he is as a leader in the club. Sometimes you think, ‘No, his leadership is important, we want that and the money is worth it.’ Shaw said.

“I think Brody has to find some new ways. He was an average follower but did not have a good mark above his head and did not score many goals. I think he should come back and work on those things.

“If they continue to win, will he return directly to the team? Probably not. It’s big.

“What else is there to grab? You do not want to miss out on Grunnie and you will not get anything, you just want to make sure you get something.

Who is out of contract?

Ash Johnson, Caleb Pulter, Calm Brown, Finnish Macre, Isaac Chuck, Jack Madgen, Jamie Eliot (Unlimited Free Agent), Jordan de Goy (Limited Free Agent), Josh Carmikael, Josh Dicos, Liam McMahon, Mason Cox (Limited Free Agent) ), Nathan Murphy, Oliver Henry, Steele Sidembota (Unlimited Free Agent), Tom Wilson, Trent Bianco, Tyler Brown, Will Hoskin-Eliot, Will Kelly

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