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Lap it up, Piss.

That’s the message. must be. Although Port Adelaide great Ken Korns was scouting Collingwood to celebrate last Friday night’s seven-point win over Melbourne (and clearly behind closed doors).

Cornes said the Pies had gone “over the top” this week and urged them to “keep a lid on it” as it was only the 21st round.

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“I haven’t seen anything like this in a long time – we all love what they’ve done but they haven’t got anything yet,” the two-time Australian said. He said on Channel 9. Leg assigned.

“You don’t see Geelong doing this – it’s like a WWE wrestler. Fremantle qualified for the finals, did you see them do that? Did you see Sidney do that?”

“If I’m advising them, I’d say ‘keep your cover’, stay focused and we’ll judge you when you win in September, not in Round 20. – I still have some question marks about them.

It came after a Collingwood v Melbourne game that went down to the wire in front of a packed house of over 70,000 at the MCG.

With this, the Magpies have won the Premier League for the second time in 2022, extending their impressive winning streak to 11 games and sitting in second place.

Ash Johnson celebrates after the win (Photo by Darrian Traynor/Getty Images)Source: FOX SPORTS

In all of the above, the wins don’t get much bigger than this.

It set a festive atmosphere for the black and white post-match. Players, as they have done in recent past victories, immediately hugged each other in honor before being hugged and held high.

Even coach Craig McRae was seen on the bench as the players and staff went nuts.

The Pies then turned on their fans, as they would hear them all night long, jumping for joy at the final siren, hugging fans around the floor and taking selfies with beaming smiles on their faces.

How can you not live in this moment!?

It was a scene of pure emotion and joy, and clearly, a simple human instinct to react in such a way no longer. other epic win – emotional scenes that make legs what it is. After all, the game is not life and death.

Players can’t even imagine how they feel. From the feeling of being so focused on the game, we were like, ‘Can we do this?’ ‘We’ve won our 11th straight, and we’re in second place’ to that relief and joy.

And for that, one hour after the match, when the pressure valve is temporarily released, you can celebrate the victory and sink the victory.

Johnson and McRae embrace (Photo by Darrian Traynor/Getty Images)Source: FOX SPORTS

“I’d like to know what the stages of the ceremony are. How much you are allowed to celebrate later other Win like this? ” said dual Premier Kangaroo David King.

“The joy has to be shared with the fans, which is how it happened. It wasn’t disrespectful, it wasn’t condescending in any way.

“They’re going on a unique ride, why not celebrate like this? Why not embrace what’s happening, ironically enough.

“And the bottom line – who cares what people think.”

Legs are changed. Ten years ago, players trying to mask a smile and remain in an overly professional mood and pretend they weren’t happy were shaking in the rooms after a win.

This shift to a more humorous and light-hearted spirit was widely touted as the key to the Tigers’ resurgence in 2017, and the same could be said for Collingwood in 2022.

While winning obviously helps, the Magpies simply look like a happier club – you only need to attend or watch the game or be in the room after the game – and it’s surprisingly well done (perhaps some more than others) despite the heat they hate.

McRae’s message of the season was for his troops to stay in the moment from week to week and celebrate the good times that come with it – and that message clearly resonated with the team – a breath of fresh air for the competition.


Whenever the Magpies coach is asked about the big games ahead, his response is invariably ‘we’re enjoying this one and we’ll worry about it later.’

Collingwood boss Scott Pendlebury said of McRae on Triple M at the weekend: “He’s really light-hearted and has a lot of fun.

“Even before the game[against Melbourne]he said, ‘Make sure we go out and enjoy the event.’ Look around, let the people in. I want you guys to play freely and have fun, smile, enjoy it.’

“You feel very comfortable and confident. You can see how we’re playing, we’ve got energy and we’re enjoying ourselves – and all that from our coaching staff and ‘Fly’ (McRae) is driving that message home.

It is this very positive energy that Pendlebury speaks of that can be thought of as more than respect, and the aura that inspires the team and drives runs that have never been seen in the history of the league. The players are simply living McRae’s mantra and riding the wave of emotion.

No matter how far they go, Pace fans will always remember this winning streak and McCray’s first season as a special moment.

The idea that clubs can celebrate in a final (or after a grand final) is crazy. Does this mean that only one of the 400 plus games played throughout the season ends in the Premier League, so is it worth celebrating? That’s too superficial.

Jamie Elliott signs with Paces until 2025 | 00:37

The same could be said for testing North Melbourne after scoring their second win over Richmond in Round 18. One of the league’s powerhouses. Bleed him.

There are too many lows not to enjoy the highs and for Collingwood, last Friday night may have been the high of the season. Chances are the piss won’t go all the way, not that you’ll compete with confidence now! So it doesn’t matter whether it happens in September or not.

Of course context is everything and there is a line. not at all each A win should prompt that kind of response, although it’s fair to say the Pacers have played the most competitive games they’ll ever play in 2022.

But after a lack of good attendances for the last two years and the club going through a particularly rocky period during that period, including the departure of long-term president Eddie McGuire and coach Nathan Buckley, the players should be allowed to. Unexpectedly kick back and enjoy.

Winning the flag is the ultimate goal of every club, but there’s no rule that says you can’t have fun along the way.

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