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Fox Football’s Nick Riald says Collingwood can win the Premier League in 2022, but they must finish all four.

For the first time since 2019, Collingwood has won six in a row, with a four-point lead over GWS.

The Pies have won several competitions this season, including Fruit Mantle, Carlton and Melbourne.

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Riewoldt believes the Magpies will be in good form with seven home and away games.

“Every time I see Pius, I think they are in a race to win this year,” he told The Sofa.

“There is no weakness in their game. I think they can win.

“Their best bet is to beat Gold Coast against the best teams, Fremont, Melbourne.

“Reach out to what looks like a really good job opportunity, and anything can happen.”

Pace Fast Classic in the Sun | 02 ፡ 30

When the couch host, Gary Leon, heard Riley’s claim, he joked: “Cameraman fell there.”

But he acknowledged that the Pisces had a good run at home, with four matches against the teams out of the final.

The matches against rivals Melbourne and Carlton will be played at MCG.

“They found a picture that would make them look at it.

Former Collingwood coach Nathan Bookley says the Pisces have “all the features” to achieve their ultimate success in 2022.

“Of course they have to finish this house and the top four,” he said.

“When we look at the lot, this is certainly possible.

“They have all the features, they have all the pieces, they need a good run with damage.”

Collingwood Press Release | 04 ፡ 18

Collingwood said they were unbeaten at the Gold Coast, with Ruckman Brody Grundi and defender Jeremy Howe winning.

Darsie Moore has been linked with a move away from the club after suffering a knee injury.

“I think half of them are really, really, really,” said Bookley.

Jeremy Howe won that victory over the weekend. Their veteran players have spent years playing and playing most of the games and have been highly consistent.

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