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Collingwood Magpies v Essendon Bombers, Jack Ginnivan, Mark Robinson, tackle, free kick, high contact, over the shoulder, lower body, drop knees

Nick Riewoldt last week warned Collingwood’s Jack Ginnivan to “find” his next senior fight as the AFL tightens its interpretation of the rules.

And Fox Footy’s Mark Robinson believes the AFL has “lost control” after being put in a “headlock” by Bombers rival Mason Redman and missing a penalty.

Ginnivan was buried by Redman in a shock decision that sparked outrage in the football community.

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The AFL has since released a statement saying young Pye should have been awarded a penalty in the thrilling win over Essendon.

But they also said that Geneva is responsible for the high level of communication.

“They lost control,” Robinson said on AFL360.

“I think he slowed it down a little bit. But the roughness of that tackle, it was a rough tackle, we’ve got to prevent him from dropping a little bit.”

“All we want is common sense.

“This, that is crude, and the crude tackle must be paid for such a thing.

“We lost control and we have to get it back.”

Collingwood Magpies press release | 09:52

Statistics show the AFL has awarded a record 67 free kicks in Round 18.

AFL360 co-host Gerard Wyllie said that whenever Guinevene had a knee-jerk argument, he was “victimised”.

“I simply don’t accept that (Ginnivan was responsible) as a premise,” he said.

On The Couch host Gary Lyon said Geneva’s situation was “always going to happen” as the AFL made late-season rule changes in response to the backlash.

“They made a mistake around Jack Geneva and they did,” he said.

“In their minds, they’re saying he’s let himself down and then it’s up to Redman to make the point acceptable. Then Redman had a bit of a red haze and thought, ‘This is my free shot.’

The penalty referees made a mistake in not paying Guinevan, while Dylan Grimes said he was wrongly awarded a free for the same tactic.


Tiger Grimes was rewarded for his efforts by attracting high contact from Docker Travis Collier.

Fox Footy’s Jonathan Brown reminded viewers that judges are people who “don’t like to be arrested.”

Collingwood coach Craig McRae has pledged to support his controversial son as the debate over the tackling rule continues.

“I really got to know him as a 19-year-old trying to find his way in the AFL and trying to keep it from himself,” he told AFL 360.

“He’s 19 – he’s gone from 0 to 1000 in terms of fame and that can be challenging.”

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