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Collingwood Magpies v Gold Coast Suns, Darcy Moore, defender, injury, stretcher, crutches, distressed

Star Collwood defender Darsie Moore is “very worried” on the pitch at the Metric Stadium after suffering a knee injury during the Gold Coast win.

Moore and San Ben Ainsworth clashed in the air, just minutes before the clash ended, and on Saturday night the Pace star immediately called for medical attention.

The game came to a standstill as coaches reviewed Moore and called out the stretch.

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“No, no. He seems to know that Darsie has more than a little problem. ”

“He seems very worried. He never moves.

“He had a lot of problems with his body, no, for a long time. In the end, it looks like he is on top of it.

Complaints from the public can be easily heard when replays are shown on large screens on the ground.

“Oh, there’s a hyper extension of that energy. Seize him immediately. ” Said Shaun Burgoin.

They are taking all necessary precautions.

Collingwood players found the 26-year-old around and helped him get off the ground.

Coach Craig McCrey, who has confirmed that Moore will be scanning this week, admits it will be difficult to see the defender come down.

“It’s very difficult because you take care of the player and you watch the game again: ‘No, cross your fingers, he’s fine,’ and there are two minutes on the clock and they’re trying to control the game,” he said.

“As soon as the moment is over, (is) ‘Where is he? I want to see how he is. ”

While the defender was on the crutch, he hugged the group for the song, and his excitement fell as he fell to the ground.

“That doesn’t look good.

“Often you can’t weigh yourself. There is a possibility that the back of the knee may not be ACL but we have to wait and see.

The 2021 season is not the first time Moore has been in labor in recent years after being terminated by PLCL due to demon damage.

The defender has been sidelined for six weeks and has not played since the 13th round.

Ground host Mark Howard Moore said it was “sad” to see him injured.

“Look, he’s a great team man, he’s still smiling to his teammates,” said Howard.

We hope he is well.

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His teammate Mason Cox Moore said he was “in good spirits” after the game.

“We wish him all the best and see what happens next day or so,” Cox said.

We hope to return it as soon as possible.

Moore, who came from Collingwood with a stunning five-point win, was not the only victim.

With the help of Sun Connor Budarik from the ground, midfielder Tuk Miller had to go through a stress test to return in the second half.

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