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Comedian Steve Philp’s perfect memorial for Kalyn Ponga, Kurt Mann toilet drama

Kalin Ponga’s toilet drama was last week’s biggest NRL story but one comedian has made sure he won’t be forgotten.

A four-second video of the Knights captain and team-mate Kurt Mann being kicked out of a toilet at the Hotel Delaney in Newcastle on the same night as his side were beaten 28-10 in Brisbane quickly went viral on the internet.

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Ponga’s father, Andre, told The Daily Telegraph that Kali was celebrating after buying a house on Saturday and that he was “sick in the toilet and his partner came in to help him”, an excuse widely reported by fans and journalists.

Staff at the venue also told the club that neither were drunk and the pair were subject to targeted drug testing by the NRL on Tuesday.

It was learned that the couple spent only 25 minutes in the compound.

Newcastle-born, Sydney-based comedian Steve Phillips recalled the situation with a joke, a piece of paper stuck to the kitchen wall that read: “Kalin Ponga Kurt Mann Memorial Toilet – On 12.8.22 Kalin celebrates”. House shopping, vomiting and Kurt helped his friend.

“So I’m back in Newcastle for a game tonight and thought I’d stop at the Hotel Delaney,” he began the video.

“If you don’t know what this is, this is where Kalin Ponga got into a bit of trouble last weekend. And since I’m back, I thought I might as well do something special. So I made a Kalin Ponga Kurt Mann memorial to go over the room where they are.

So Philip, a man of his word, went into the club, found the cubicle, and stuck it to the wall.

On Twitter, he called on “people who live nearby to come down and take a picture with the plaque.”

Funnily enough, Kurt Mann even liked the Instagram post.

Neither Ponga nor Mann, who has been out injured for the season due to repeated concussions, was wanted in Brisbane for the game, but it was a bad look for the club captain, especially with a recurring head injury in 2022.

Knights director of football Peter Parr declined to comment on the matter at a press conference, saying the club had referred the matter to the NRL Integrity Unit.

But Ponga said he was not told by medical professionals not to drink.

Cavaliers great Andrew Jones said he was “saddened, not angry” by the situation.

“It’s not a good sight when your team is away and the captain is out, and it’s not good when you’re drinking,” Jones said on Channel 9. Freddy and the eighth last week.

Ponga signed a five-year deal with Newcastle in April, which The Daily Telegraph reported was worth more than $6 million.

But the current drama has raised questions about whether Ponga will continue as captain.

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