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Country footy player waits two hours for ambulance, Orbost-Snowy Rovers vs Lakes Entrance, East Gippsland Football League

A footballer had to wait two hours for an ambulance for fear of a spinal cord injury in the weekend.

According to ABC Gypsland, Orbost-Snowy Rovers player Jesse Pescod was unlucky to lose to another player in Saturday’s first quarter-final win over the Lakes.

The High Level East Gypsland Football League match has been interrupted by an ambulance called by the club’s coaches.

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The coaches were told not to move the PESCO, but they had to wait a long time for the Mobile Highway Ambulance (MICA) to arrive.

Pescod was taken to Birensdale Hospital two hours after the incident, until two outgoing paramedics went to pick up an unoccupied ambulance at the station.

Jesse Pescod of Orbost-Snowway is out with a point at the entrance to the lakes. Credit clear ABC / Orbost-Snowy RiversSource fall-provided

“Everyone around him hears the cracks and the impact, and he has not left,” Robinson Nettleton, president of the Orbost-Snowy Rovers FNC, told ABC.

“We always feared the worst when it came in contact with the back and neck and spine, so everyone was a little shocked.

“We think of the worst but hope for the best.”

Fortunately, Pescod has recovered from severe spinal injuries but has suffered from severe back injuries.

“We believe it took about two hours from the point of the accident to the time he was kicked out,” Nettelton said.

“Thank you so much for the girls who went to the ambulance and got an ambulance and decided to come in on their day off.”

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