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Craig McRae press conference after Collingwood Magpies defeat Melbourne, Steele Sidebottom gym PB

According to Craig Macre, he did not talk about “winning” with his players and the prospect of a real final.

But amidst the rumors, small wins are a big deal for Maggie – just like a patriotic PB beat in the gym during the week.

In the middle of the season, Collingwood knocked down Melbourne on Monday and won 48 points to finish in the top eight.

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The Magpies have won four consecutive victories, including victories over rivals Carlton, Fremant and most recently Melbourne.

Macraeie recognized the importance of the post-game side’s recent victories, but added

“I told them we were trying to grow in there,” Macry told reporters.

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“They miss a lot of things… We now have men doing good things in the gym. Steele Sidebottom, jokingly, but this week he did a PB in the gym – which means he’s at the end of his career.

“Every day we are at the club we are trying to be better and it is starting to equate to the field we are proud of now.

We are not a finished product but those are things we are proud of the way we go from week to week.

“We wrote on the board about being winners. We want to live for a while.

“We have a chance to take a little coma during our race and restart ourselves.

Magpies Steele Sidebottom celebrates with her daughter Matilda. Photo: Michael WillsonSource: Getty Images

In this year’s competition, the Collingwood Youth Brigade is looking forward to the next round. Veterans such as Sidebottom and Skipper Scope Pendlbury were thriving in a new form of environment.

“There is something new going on,” he said. “New coaches, a new style of play.

Pendels and Steele are two elders – they come with the hope that we will learn a lot. Brendan Bolton’s Doctrine and Justin Leipitz are teaching – this is a unique sound and the way we teach. There is strength between them. ”

Asked if he would be focusing on the finals, McRay said:

“I can see what our players are saying. They are growing up and believing in what we are doing. Faith can be very powerful, which can be encouraging.

More than 76,000 fans attended the Queen’s Birthday blockbuster. This means that Pyu have played in three games so far this season after defeating Essenon and Carlton.

Collingwood senior coach Craig Macre. Photo: Michael KleinSource: News News Corp Australia

Less than two minutes before the final whistle, Jack Crisp saved the Magpies’ victory.

“I was eventually taken away. I don’t know who scored the goal, but I’m a little curious. ”

“It attracts emotion. We have players who have played small games with the fans, so to hear our fans scream and shout – it’s a great opportunity to play in front of a large crowd and we do that regularly. We will never forget that sight and thank all our fans.”

PS have averaged 61 points in their last four games.

Macre was thankful for the defense, building “fine chemistry” such as Darsie Moore, Jeremy Howe, Isaac Quinor and Nick Daikos.

We want to make sure we play hard last month. “We scored eight goals in the Premier League last season,” said McCrey.

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