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The Sharks took control of the storm with a 28-6 victory, showing overall performance at Shark Park.

In the first half, Craig Fizgibon’s goal was scored by Jessie Ramien at the break, but Justin Olam came out on top.

The combination of Matty Moylan and Breiden Trinal created a space for the outer back of the Cronula and crossed again minutes later.

Match Center Cronula Sharks from Melbourne Hurricane, teams, live scores

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Moylan cut through the line, finding Blayke Brailey inside to cross him without touching him.

Fox League leader Warren Smith said:

Minutes before the break, the sharks are not finished.

Jahrom Hughes failed to find the back of the net after the Sharks went outside and found the back of the net before finding Moilan Guberr Ronaldo Muletalon.

New Zealand International went on to score four more points before Jesse Ramien doubled Sion Catowa’s lead.

The hurricane left a huge first-half deficit since 2004 and surprised Fox League Breeze Anastasia.

“Everywhere you look today, the tide of protectionist sentiment is flowing.

“Kronula sharks are on fire … they’re not playing like a Melbourne hurricane, they’re not shooting.”

In the second 40 minutes, prostitute Brandon Smith was banned from playing fast football and was arrested for protest.

“Again, the example of the Melbourne hurricane, Craig Bellamy will be dirty, he will never be happy,” said Anastasia.

As he walked, Smith was spotted doubling back after a fan of Storm dummy-half screaming in the cave.

Anastasia “10 in his custody, waving to the crowd and now speaking.

Jesse Ramien scored a hat-trick.

“The hurricanes are pouring down dangerous points,” Smith said.

Alec McDonald went to the crossroads with two minutes to go.

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There is no quick fix for hurricane problems.

Sharks broke the 18-year-old record in the first half at Shark Park.

The 20-point half-time lead was the biggest hurricane since 2004 and Fox League Breeze Anastas did not see a quick solution to the hurricane’s problems.

“For me, this doesn’t seem like a quick fix, and I can’t see them coming out and putting points quickly,” Anastasia said.

“What I saw in the first 40 minutes of this game should make a big difference in half an hour and I’m not sure what will happen.”

The hurricane recorded an attempt at the end of the second half and had no response in the first half.

Melbourne’s star player, Cameron Munster, has lost his sparkle and creativity, but with a shoulder injury, Craig Bellamy hopes he can pass unharmed.

“There is a lack of capacity in this Melbourne hurricane,” said Fox League Warren Smith.

“Craig Bellamy doesn’t know the answer,” said Fox League Cooper Crown.

Demetriou wants cannon ban | 01:30

Moylan confirmed the price

Matt Moylan’s contract extension is said to be “close” in the 17th round.

The 31-year-old has shown ‘business’ in his first half of the season by showing his business outside of regular half-time partner Niccho Heins.

“We asked Matty Moylan to lead this shark in the first half, and he did,” Cooper Crown said.

“Matt Moylan, without Nico Hines, his other creative partner, was absolutely brilliant in the first half, he was fantastic and he put the sharks on top.”

Moylan finished the night with two tries, one line break and 17 balls.

Meanwhile, half-filling partner Bryden Trindall also presented, scoring two attempts and three line-assistants.

“Tridental is doing a good job on this right. Very good,” said Anastasia.

Munster Shoulder Well Tracking for SOO | 05:09

Hurricane prevention issues are at stake

The Sharks exposed the storm’s left-line defense in the 16th round with four goal attempts between Jesse Ramin and Zion Cato.

The outer backs of the crocodile are the most electric in the race, with Katoa and Ramien tormenting Justin Olam and Dem Iremian.

Olam has scored six missed goals and one by Jeremiah, but their “friendly” defense has been highlighted by Fox League Breeze Anastasia.

“These (sharks) were right-wing extremists,” said Anastasia.

“The hurricane was very active on the left and these two Catoa and Ramien took full advantage of that to elevate Trump.”

In all, the hurricane missed 41 missed tackles, bringing the total to 47 last week.

Craig Bellamy’s role in the defense of the military is evident.

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