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Great Western Sydney has attracted more than 6,000 people in a major clash with the Western Bulldogs, a figure that is “scary” for AFL, according to Nick Riewoldt.

Only 6208 people attended the event, which was the highest point of the season, “said a senior member of St. Kilda.

The match, the GWS home match at the Sydney Giants Stadium, was the only AFL match on Saturday night.

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On Fox Footy’s On the Couch, he said, “This is the case for AFL – a big competition game.

“The Giants are Western rivals of the Bulldogs.

“The weekend was a frustrating one.

“Sign over 6,000 for the big club. Giant is currently playing great football under Spike McVeigh. They are moving his legs, he was shooting.

One of the best games of the year to watch.

GWS will not be able to draw more than 9,000 spectators at Giant Stadium by 2022, with an average of only 6008 fans this season.

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“I was called to the radio today,” said Gary Lyon.

“If it was north of Melbourne, we would sit here and say, ‘This is a pressure club.’

In northern Melbourne, there were 9,000 of us.

The Kangaroos married 5114 fans in their ninth round match at Port Adelaide, Tasmania.

Giant’s biggest home crowd came in the first round with cross-country rivals Sydney. They had more than 25,000 fans – but that was done at the stadium in Australia.

Since then, 4,014 fans at the Gold Coast, 5,057 supporters at the West Coast and 8,754 supporters at Carlton, all at Giants Stadium.

Bulldogs head coach Luke Beverge poses with fans at GIANTS Stadium. Photo: Cameron SpencerSource: Getty Images

The last time GWS attracted more than 10,000 spectators to a home game at Giant Stadium He is back in the 2019 final against the West Bulldogs. More than 19,000 fans attended the event.

Between the 2016 and 2019 seasons, he regularly drew five-figure spectators, reaching a milestone in over 21,000 games against Swansea.

Although this has had a significant impact on Western Australia’s early attendance, congestion has generally declined this year, and digital tickets are a major concern for fans.

“He looks at the matter.

“What is the answer?” Leon asked.

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“Investing in the game. They have no choice,” replied Rewoldt.

“Just lower the throttle and try to raise the game.

But that’s why it’s scary because the Bulldogs and the Giants have been very competitive in recent years.

The lowest population density comes after the AFL announced that children (ages six to 15) could go to matches between 14 and 17 for free.

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