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Dale Finucane judiciary, two-game suspension, set a precedent, tackle, video, what happened

Sharks boss Dale Finucane says a dangerous precedent has been set for one of the biggest deals this season after he was banned for two games by Bob Lindner and Dallas Johnson.

Finucane initially faced a three-game ban but was successfully reduced to two, reducing his ban to one game.

He now loses matches against Rabbitohs and Dragons.

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“I was surprised that the result was a coincidence,” he said.

“I was hopeful going in because our game hasn’t seen anything ruled by an accidental head-on before.

“I am very disappointed with the result.

“I was disappointed with the result as it was a random crime. While I feel sorry for Stephen… he sets an example moving forward.

Finucane was hit with a three-part carelessness charge for his tackle on Stephen Crichton, which left the Panthers center bleeding profusely and requiring plastic surgery to repair a damaged ear.

Crichton was not named for Penrith in their Round 20 game against Parramatta.

Dale Finucane takes on Stephen Crichton.Source: FOX SPORTS

The Sharks lock could have received a two-match ban if he had taken an earlier guilty plea, but was put at risk for three weeks by the comments as the contact was on his head and other players were apparently dismissed. worst connections.

The panel found Finucane guilty but immediately objected to grading with Gabbar, questioning the use of the medical report and a photo of Crichton’s injury.

While the image is graphic, the report is not serious as it only mentions soft tissue damage to Crichton’s left ear.

“I didn’t think the cutting room would go in,” Finucane said later.

“Every week, players from other sides – myself included – suffer multiple injuries due to accidental head collisions. If we go forward now, they’re going to drop that sanction now.”

It took Lindner and Johnson’s team about 25 minutes of deliberation before they unanimously agreed that Crichton played a minor role in the incident.

Both sides agree that there is a sudden clash of heads, but the main point of contention is whether the relationship is careless.

Seven camera angles were used on Tuesday night, as coroner Patrick Knowles tried to argue that it was a dangerous relationship, that his behavior was reckless and dangerous.

Knowles said Finucane’s move to step off the line was careless and made Crichton a “sitting duck” as head-first contact was not standard technique.

“It was careless because Finucane put himself in a position … where Crichton was vulnerable and unable to avoid contact,” he argued.

Finucane, represented by Nick Gabbar, was unhurt by the contact and said all he wanted to do was reduce Crichton’s yardage and shoot for the Sharks to get the ball in good territory. To win the game.

“I wouldn’t change what I did because it was a calculated decision in the context of football,” Finucane said under cross-examination.

“The game is competitive and we had to do everything to win the game. I wouldn’t change what I did in this situation.”

Gabbar’s main argument was that Kirkton contributed to the tackle by lowering his body before tackling Finucane.

Judge Ashley Klein and Bunker said it was a “strong inference” that he considered the relationship legal and did not punish Finucane at the time.

This move is bound to generate great debate and may set a precedent for head-to-head collisions in the future.

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