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It was Dale Cherry-Evans when the half-time partner Cameron Munster shined in a series of decisions at Suncorp Stadium.

The Blues were half-covered by the brilliance of Munster in Game 1 before the Blues raced for the Perth series.

But on the big stage, Cherry-Evans responded to the call of rugby league experts and stood tall in the shadow of Queensland’s big half backs.

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“Cherry-Evans Rock is a strong player and has had a lot of chances in the beginning, but he hasn’t done well and he hasn’t made headlines.”

Speaking after the decision-making process, Kronck described the Cherry-Evans show as one of the best in his career.

“He has had some great times in his footballing career, but he has never been bigger,” Cronk said.

“I know he won the big final on the field and the biggest loser, but that was Cherry-Evans’ best performance.

“His 19th home game, his 12th captain’s, and when the game was 12-10, we all sang Nathan Cree’s poem in Game II.

“When it came down to 12, both teams had Dali Cherry-Evans just hit the ball to the other end and that’s how we played Queensland forward and forced NSW on the back foot.

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“Congratulations to Cherry-Evans, he’s proud of his shirt.

Cherry-Evans led the Maroon around the park and constantly pushed the Blues out of their own destiny.

With just three more shots from NSW counterpart Nathan Crie, Queensland’s No. 7 in the Blue Half Response added 275 yards to the Test Assistant and two lineup assists.

Michael Inis, of Cronk and Fox League, both praised the Manley captain for knocking on the door.

“In the pre-match, we hit the captain, and he said he knocked the captain down.

“I think he led the way, and that, like Queensland, you asked Captain Cocaine to lead the way and I think he did that,” said Inis.

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The ball in the second half was clean.

Fox League partner Yvon Samson said: “It’s an honor to be a captain of Queensland.

A.D. In 2015, Cherry-Evans was removed from the Meninga Maruns side and by that time the original work seemed to be over.

However, after impressing the Eagles, Cherry-Evans forced him to return to the starting lineup in 2018 and has played in all three games since 2019.

“There were times when we thought he would never play Origen again, he was out of the main team and here he is leading one of the best in history,” said Samson.

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