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Daniel Ricciardo posts on Instagram

No matter where he ends up next year, Daniel Ricciardo will keep smiling.

In the year Formula One’s most famous pearly whites reappeared in the Australian driver’s first Instagram post since it was announced that he will be replaced by Oscar Piastri at McLaren in 2023.

Enjoying his mid-season break in what appears to be a sunny California base, Ricciardo kept it short and sweet.

“Hello,” he said, adding an emoji of a sun standing in a swimming pool.

Daniel Ricardo pops up to say hello.  Image: Instagram
Daniel Ricardo pops up to say hello. Image: InstagramSource: Instagram

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Ricciardo has been praised for his dignity and polite response amid constant speculation about his future in the sport in a rocky 2022 season.

F1’s mid-season break became the story of the Aussie F1 veteran’s move for 21-year-old compatriot Piastre.

The news broke last week when Fernando Alonso entered the 2023 Aston Martin vacancy for Sebastian Vettel after looking around the world of F1.

Alpine then announced that Alonso’s replacement would be Piastre, after only Melburnians rejected the seat, a bold move for someone who can’t drive an F1 car in anger.

But news leaked over the weekend that Ricciardo’s seat is set to take Piastri, with McLaren set to cut the eight-time race winner free for the youngster – a move that will reportedly cost McLaren $21m in Ricciardo’s fee. .

It leaves Ricciardo’s career at a crossroads after two very disappointing seasons in Papaya, without a 2021 Monza victory.

Ricciardo was regularly hit by teammate Lando Norris and struggled to turn his head in the car.

The 32-year-old has left Renault for McLaren, but could return to the Enstone division, now Alpine, who are open to a move.

Despite the FIA’s contract recognition board approving Piastri’s move, Alpine still believes it has an iron-clad deal with Piastri and is still planning for the young Aussie to take over.

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