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Newcastle United manager Hayden Knowles has broken his silence and cleared up the biggest misconceptions that emerged from last week’s row with David Clemmer.

Clemmer stood down after a violent rant aimed at Knowles in the final 10 minutes of Newcastle’s defeat by the Bulldogs.

Initial reports suggested that Knowles had initiated a HR investigation into the incident, but it was later confirmed that Newcastle management took that action.

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to speak Sydney Morning Herald For the first time since Sunday’s events, Knowles said he felt “his name has paid off.”

“The cussing was not the issue,” said Knowles, clearing up what he saw as a major misconception to come out of the dramatic week.

“That’s what everyone sees. For me it is not personal with Klem. It doesn’t matter if it’s Kalin Ponga, Nathan Creary, Junior Paulo or Payne Haas. It doesn’t matter who it is.

Commenters Confused by Dodgy Bunker | 01:06

“If a man puts himself before his team, I will forever die for not being able to behave.”

Knowledge spoke. Herald He has a “very, very close” relationship with Klemmer and in the end, all he was trying to do was “comply with the standards that this team wants.”

“That’s what leaders do,” Knowles said.

“Sometimes leadership is hard. Sometimes you have to put the value of the team before anything else, regardless of the person. If our club, our roster, our management want success, they should be thanking me for trying to maintain the standards that this team needs.

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Clemmer received a suspension for the incident but will be available for selection in next week’s game against Brisbane.

Knowles admitted the situation could have been “handled” better after Newcastle management reported the incident to HR.

“The word HR made it worse,” he said.

“Phil (general manager Phil Gardner) wanted a report and wanted to hear from everybody. His behavior was for all to see. Ideally, it wouldn’t be treated like this. But that’s not my problem.”

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The Cavaliers took a crucial 14-10 victory on Sunday to overcome Sunday’s drama amid intense scrutiny over the Clemmer incident.

Cameron Smith was especially strong when he spoke. SEN radio Calling on the riders to “be better” earlier in the week.

“It’s very strange. “If words are spoken between a player and a coach, that’s happened a thousand times before,” Smith said on “Captain’s Run.” SEN radioon Thursday.

“I saw it first, and I think you have too. It’s nothing new. I’m confused as to why this is such a big problem.

“The way I’ve seen it handled and fixed in the past, if there’s a problem … it’s been dealt with physically after the game.

“It’s just unnecessary. Like seriously, how bad were the words between David Clemmer and this coach, they had a formal complaint. It’s just funny. Deal from person to person.

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