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David Klemmer sent off, Daniel Suluka-Fifita, Latrell Mitchell, Knights vs Rabbitohs, Round 17

Equestrian striker Daniel Suluka-Fifita was sent off for elbowing and David Clerm was forced to retire.

Clemer was involved in a recent altercation with Southampton striker Kyon Koloamatangi, and in the final game, Suluka-Fifitan expressed his frustration, with the South winning 40-28.

When Newcastle’s propaganda for Suluka-Fifita was leveled and repaired on the ground, Lateral Michel Clemer appeared before he ran to attract his teammate.

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“David Clamer is losing his way now,” Dan Guinane told the Fox League.

“Now it’s starting to get a little ugly here and there are a few players with short fuses on both sides.”

Steve Rock Mitchell believes he should have been thrown in the trash for about 10 minutes after running.

“That’s how Latil Mitchell ran in and got him out of the South.

Judge Todd Smith called for Clamer to separate the two teams before sending off.

“Direct contact with the head on the ground is careless, you are lost,” said Smith.

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David Clamer is sent off.Source fall-FOX SPORTS

Guinean: “Goodbye, David Clamer.

“Very fun to finish this game”

Rock Clamer believes he had a hard time coming up with a red card for the event.

“I think it was the work on the ground arm, but this is not shipping,” Rs said.

“Lateral Mitchell has to go for 10. I know it’s the end of the game. You can’t run in and do that.

Ginane said a long-term suspension would be needed if the allegations of negligence were confirmed by the game’s review committee.

“Indifference is a big payment,” Ginnane said.

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“What am I going to do ?!” – Latrell | 00:36

“If this stays with the match review committee, it will take a few weeks.

“What a strange ending the game is.”

Cooper Cronc Clemer has crossed the line and believes he must face the consequences.

“At first, Clemer and Koloamatangi had a little dust and conflict,” Kronk said.

“They weren’t going back to each other and he went to the next game.

“This is David Clamer on top of Suluka-Fifita.

“In fact, David Clamer stepped on the edge. The game is over. They are not going to fight. He had a little altercation with Koloamatangi a little earlier and took it too far.

“He went for an attack. He went for a relationship. Then when he went down there was a small arm that fell on his head.

Sharks shocked by slow storm | 01:51

“Luckily he didn’t put that elbow on his head, but he shouldn’t have done it. He was unnecessary, so he looked after him. He ran away, but he didn’t have to. ”

Benji Marshall Clemer believes he will play the game on the edge and the incident is getting worse.

“It was nice to hear the judge say that the judge was careless with his head because negligence is a good fair charge,” said Marshall.

“He is lucky to have his elbow slipped because if he continues, it will probably be worse than before.

“But that is the feeling and that is what is behind the conflict and conflict with Koloamatangi before.

“But he went on to fight. Clamer is one of the players on the edge. His eyes roll back to his head and he finds a piece.

“He came in and said goodbye to that.”

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