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Dayne Zorko sledge of Harrison Petty, defence, Brisbane Lions vs Melbourne, comments, what was said, reaction

Brisbane captain Dayne Zorko says Melbourne’s Harrison Petty’s nasty taunt “wasn’t unprovoked”, and there are “possible” comments made about him crossing the line.

Zorko’s scathing mid-game comments from a Petty family member left the young defender in tears, but the Lions say the situation has been resolved and they will continue to support their captain.

Zorko, who spoke for the first time after Friday night’s game, continued to express his regrets but wanted to move on from his situation.

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I apologized to Harrison at the final siren and the apology still stands, my regret still stands, I have no doubts if I take it back.

“I want to know that this is a very tough game. In truth, there was a lot of tossing and turning on both sides of the fence from the first whistle, with the home side probably not going all game to the line. And I realize that I definitely crossed that.

“I think it’s important for Lions fans and fans in general to know that this is not just an unprovoked slip and it’s not isolated.

“For most of the game, it was a grind and a grind and I regretfully admit that I overstepped the mark.”

Asked if there were any comments aimed at him that crossed the line, Zorko said: “It could. could be.

“But for me, I have to admit that what I said clearly crossed that line, and I fully and completely understand that in the heat of battle, words are spoken.

“I missed the mark on this occasion but you know, I have to learn from this going forward. Perhaps the entire industry can learn from this and understand that catapults can have a profound impact on people.

“We have to be extremely careful with what we do. I’m not sure that yelling will ever go out of the game, but the words you choose to use must be used wisely.”

Gown Club proud of Zorko’s treatment | 01:11

Zorko revealed that he realized he had crossed the line at three-quarter time when Petty was “making a beeline” for him.

But he only had to think back to what he said during the game to know the moment he went too far.

“I thought, what did I say here that really set him off? “Then, retracing my words, that was a trigger for him,” he said.

“And I’m very sorry for that.”

The Lions have so far opted not to remove Zorko as captain and he doesn’t expect much to come of the punishment.

“I have had very long discussions with the senior management of the club. They heard both sides of the story,” he said.

“I take my role as captain very seriously and I have since taking over five years ago.

“In this case, the captaincy is always going to be decided by the players in our squad, that’s something that Fages (Chris Fagan) and the management have said. Anyone’s captain is chosen by their players and teammates.

“I guess for me, until that decision is made again, I’ll respect whatever the players choose when that happens, but that’s all we’ve explored in the matter.”

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