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Dayne Zorko sledge towards Harry Petty, no sanction by Brisbane Lions leaves commentators stunned, Mark Robinson

Brisbane Football boss Danny Daley says the club has wrapped its arms around Dane Zorko and has shown young Demon Harry Petty that his mental health is a priority, suggesting the Lions have put the situation “to bed”.

But AFL 360 “It’s really strange,” co-host Mark Robinson said, adding that neither Brisbane nor the AFL had issued a formal sanction against Zorko.

Zorcon has defied calls to strip the club of captaincy after a clash in Brisbane’s Melbourne clash on Friday night left the Demons defender in tears.

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The AFL is understood to have spoken to Brisbane and Melbourne after the game and said they were comfortable with the way the situation was handled, with Zorko and the Lions apologizing. The AFL Players Association is also reported to have spoken to both parties.

Speaking on SENQ on Monday, Delhi Lions said they were satisfied with how both clubs handled post-match events.

“The club raised the matter with Melbourne after the game on Friday night, the club issued a statement on Saturday morning and that’s where it sits,” Daly said. SENQ morning.

AFLPA calls to investigate sledge | 01:27

“To be perfectly honest from a club perspective, our goal now is to make sure Deine is OK mentally. He spent the weekend at home working with his partner but from a club point of view we’re lying down and Melbourne apologized to us on Saturday and that’s where it’s at.

“That’s all we’ve done, it hasn’t reached that level. Everyone had a great weekend, back to work today and see what today brings us.

But speaking on Fox Football AFL 360 On Monday night, Robinson said he was not comfortable with where the situation stood.

“That being said… it’s certainly a very strange thing for someone on the sidewalk to say in any environment. “I find it very strange that there’s no punishment for it, no punishment or doing something, nothing but shame and embarrassment,” Robinson said. AFL 360.

“That might be punishment enough, I don’t know, but my God.”

Dayne Zorko of the Lions. Picture: Albert PerezSource: Getty Images

Former Adelaide goalscorer Josh Jenkins told SEN. Running house Zorko was handed a one-match ban, while Premiership hawk Xavier Ellis said he was surprised by the lack of punishment because Zorko’s slip was a “shocking sight” for the game.

“How the AFL allowed two clubs to shake hands at that event, I can’t do it,” Ellis said. Western Australia ‘He Gets Hardball’ Podcast.

“When are we going to start agreeing on club deals?”

The four-time Port Adelaide best and fairest winner said he was fine with the Lions not punishing Zorko, but the captain was building a questionable on-field rap sheet, citing past incidents involving Gold Coast star Toke Miller.

Cornes told Channel 9: “I think it’s been incredibly mature from the original Melbourne Football Club – I thought the leadership they’ve shown has been outstanding – but I’m more interested in the way Dyne has handled himself over a number of years.” Leg assigned.

“Brisbane are undoubtedly the team under the most pressure going into this finals with their record and performance last Friday night… building an unimpressive rap sheet.

“He’s the captain of a big football club that wants to win the Premier League and these are the events we’ve come back to in a logical manner. He’s been taking a lot of free-kicks in the last two weeks. He’s been a fake tough guy when they’ve refused to put their heads down as a team.

Zorko in Hot Water by Petty Incident | 00:43

“He is a little embarrassed by these actions and this happened on Friday night.”

Essendon legend Matthew Lloyd then suggested Zorko hand over the captaincy to his teammate so the star player could “focus on his footy next year”.

But Daley pointed to Zorko’s strong record since becoming Brisbane’s full-time captain in 2019.

If you look at the last four years since he’s been captain, I’d say he’s done an outstanding job as a leader himself with Chris Fagan as our head coach in getting this club back on track. he said. We’re going through to the finals for the fourth time in a row, so it’s worked out perfectly.

“I understand what happened at the weekend and the feedback around it and it’s good that people got their feedback. But from a club perspective, we think he’s done a fantastic job in four years.

“He had a bit of a break on Friday night, we talked to him about it and we moved on. I’m sure he’ll come back bigger and better in the next game against Richmond and lead from the front.

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