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AFL coaches Sam Mitchell and Mark Macvey agree that players should be better able to fight easily in the debate over ‘Guinean law’ – to draw a higher penalty kick.

“It’s not a problem,” said Mitchell.

Collingwood’s Jack Ginivan has been widely criticized for winning penalty kicks, but coach Craig McCrey has hailed the boy’s actions as “a set of skills.”

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Ginnivan has won 17 free kicks for the top of the table this season – three more than Sydney’s next best player, Eroll Goodden.

Geolong veteran Joel Selwood won 12 major free kicks alongside Gold Coast’s Matt Rowell, Adlaide James Rowe and North Jason Horn-Francis.

“I personally think there are always ways to attack the foot,” Michel told AFL 360.

“It has really changed since the beginning of my career – you can run to any race as fast as you want. If you hit someone in the head, you give him a penalty; it was considered an accident.

“Then the slide came in and we swallowed as low and as hard as we could at first our knees – nothing. If someone was coming, you would have to get out of the way. Then the rules changed.

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“I’m not sure we have to go that route (for a fall strategy) but it’s important to encourage the right things in the game.”

Mitchell said the players had been trained to go “low, heavy and strong” to get a free kick.

“The concept of trying to hit high to get a perfect penalty shot is incompatible with concert protocols, right?” he said.

“I think there is some danger in fighting – we have to be better at fighting.”

“He is currently playing under the rules,” said Macvey Ginivan, blaming the player.

“When we face the best players in this area, we go the other way – we make sure we are below the opponent. You are trying to put your arm around it. ”

“From our point of view, we have to accept that players can try and do it now, and we have to try to make our fighting technique as good as possible.

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“We are training our players to resist him. The players are trying to practice and we are trying to destroy him.”

Fox Footballer Jonathan Brown has said he does not want to see players “encouraged” to lose weight because it poses a security risk, and has asked for a change in interpretation for next year.

“I do not record ‘that is a skill.’ If the man lowered his body, how could the player split his arm in two? Brown was requested on the AFL360.

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