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Dustin Martin state of play, trade to NSW clubs, Sydney Swans, GWS Giants, stay at Richmond Tigers, $2.4 million contract, latest

Will he stay? Or will he go?

The question (or at least its differences) has become one of the biggest topics of discussion at AFL, and Richmond superstar Dustin Martin looks to the future.

The winner of the Triple Noor Smith Medal may have a contract with the Tigers until the end of 2024, but speculation continues that he will not honor the deal for the remaining two years.

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If he chooses to leave Richmond, his future may be in Sydney, and this amount will be a nice compensation for the leopard if there is a trade, not to mention the free wage.

As Fox Football journalist John Ralph explained earlier this year, Swans must be a major obstacle to Martin’s business.

Dusty can miss 2-games | 00:52

“Sydney’s two first-round picks 10 and 18, (the latter) is Melbourne’s first-round pick. ‘Buddy’ wants to pay Franklin $ 900,000 to $ 500,000. ” Ralph told Fox Foot.

They have outdated deals – Josh Kennedy, Calm Sinkler, Sam Reed, Lewis Taylor, Ben Ronke, Sam Naismit – they have a limited space.

But Martin should be paid $ 2.6 million over the next two years, no less, and the Richmond Football Club will not pay him anywhere else. So, and if it’s big – if Swans leaves two first-round players, if Richmond has three first rounds and North Melbourne’s second round, they can start rebuilding.

If Martin ends up in Swansea, the club will be in a state of shock.

In fact, the 2017 Brownlon medalist followed in the footsteps of Tony Locke, Barry Hall and Lance Franklin.

But if Martin really wants to go north, his passage will be easier because there are two teams in Sydney to choose from these days.

Dusty ice cools as hungry media slides | 00:41

After a three-time Premier League championship in Western Sydney, he stopped short of recruiting in late 2013, visiting manager Ralph Carr.

Ten years later, seeing Martin with charcoal and oranges is a wonderful story and a great coup for GWS.

In addition, the Giants still have their local rivals in Sydney after seeing Swans knock down Swans’ death at Franklin’s signature in late 2013.

For all intents and purposes, Franklin was set to move from Hawthorn to Giant before the 2014 season, but the AFL powerbrokers, including a stunning nine-year deal (ending this year), shocked everyone by joining Sydney.

The league, in particular its current chairman Mike Fitzpatrick, was outraged by the sight of Franklin and the expulsion of Swans from West Sydney for two years.

Officially, the ban was linked to the controversial cost of living allowance, but many observers in the footwear industry see Sydney as a punishment for bold recruitment of Franklin and Kurt Tipp.

Could Martin be on a trip? (Photo by Darrian Trainor / Getty Images)Source Fate-Getty Images

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But John Ralph believes that the Giants will have a harder time dealing with Martin than Swans.

“If Dustin is interested, so are we,” said Ralph.

“(But) they already need to cut someone under the hat.

“They already have a lot of talent in the middle – Stephen Conilio, Josh Kelly, Jacob Hopper, (Tim) Taranto, Tom Green, Tanner Brown – now you can create BigFooty-style businesses, but again the salary cap is bigger. Get out there “

However, to Wednesday, Victorian clubs, including Richmond, are surrounding Taranton, who has been out of contract this year and has cut ties with the giants.

If you take Martin’s business seriously, that could definitely be the starting point for GWS.

But like Lockett (29), Franklin (27) and Hall (25), Martin (31) will be in his 30s when he starts a new chapter in the NSW capital.

Giants Top Business Target Gun | 02:08

Not surprisingly, the Victorian AFL fish was released. The light of the place could reach an extreme level.

This year has been especially difficult for Richmond living legend.

Martin had to cope with his father’s death, and his father lived in New Zealand.

After playing for Carlton in the Tigers’ opening season, Martin took a leave of absence from the club and serious questions arose about his career.

He spent most of his time in his favorite city of Sydney, and speculation is the main reason he connects with Swansea or the Giants next year.

Finally, he took a six-week break from football and returned to win 8th-round Collingwood for Richmond, winning 23 touchdowns and two goals.

Riewoldt picks up ” about retention ‘| 02 13 13

His form since his return has not been bad, but he has a few steps below the best, which is arguably the best footing any player has ever had.

Unfortunately for him, he injured his leg in the first half of the weekend against West Coast, scoring 17 goals and conceding in the first half.

Of course, there is a real hope that Martin will stay with Richmond and see his seven-year contract.

The Tigers may be seventh on the 17th round, but their performances this year still look like a team that could still reach the finish line and probably raise the fourth flag in six years.

This year, another premiere can really serve as a perfect swan song for Martin Richmond’s work and inspire him to start a new chapter north of Murray.

But on the other hand, you can see Marty Bolton, Liam Baker, Noah Balta, Daniel Riley, Jack Graham, Josh Gibkes, Jack Ross, Hugo Ralphmiz, Morris Riley Jr. and Judson Clark on the Richmond list and at the age of 25 and under. Although the Tigers have fallen this year, there is a chance of more success at Punt Road in the future.

268-A player must definitely think of doing more.

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