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Dustin Martin trade to Sydney Swans, Richmond Tigers, it’s on, interest from Swans, contract, deal

Veteran AFL journalist Caroline Wilson believes Dustin Martin is “available” considering his trip to Sydney with the Harbor City Club for the Richmond super-mega-business.

Earlier this week, nine-year-old Sam McLurler reported that Martin would not be living in the “great opportunity” of the Tigers this past season.

On Wednesday night, Wilson acknowledged the future of three-time No. 3 Smith medalist in both Richmond and Sydney.

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“I thought that the talk about Sydney was very bold. I’m hearing now maybe – it’s on. It’s definitely something to think about. ”

“Sydney is interested. Not directly in Dustin Martin. And Dustin Martin, according to people at the club, is not as busy as he used to be.

“It started the year with a broken heart. It was a terrible loss at the end of last year… and I think for the first time in Richmond there are people who look beyond Dustin Martin.”

At the beginning of this season, Martin took a private break, spending much of his free time in New South Wales, close to the death of his father, Shane.

It is reported to have a debt of $ 2.6 million over the next two seasons, which is due to the current thinking of the Tigers, who are expected to release him. Wednesday night Tigers are among the key seekers for the giant midfielder Tim Taranton.

“It’s happening a little bit behind his back. Richmond is trying to keep Liam Baker, (James) Hopper, (Tim) Taranton, ”said Wilson.

Dustin Martin Calm pushed Mills. (Photo by Cameron Spencer / AFL Photos / Getty Images)Source Fate-Getty Images

Eisenon’s great Matthew Lloyd said Martin’s departure would be “sad” for Richmond, but it was not a bad thing for them on the pitch.

He pointed out that a large salary cap would allow them to vacate their seats, and expressed concern to the Swans, although they extended the agreement to reduce their annual salary numbers.

“It would be a tragedy for the people of Richmond,” said Lloyd.

But I don’t think this is the worst thing for Richmond. Dustin is only 31 years old, from 1.2mm to $ 1.4mA, which is a lot of money at his age.

“To be honest, it’s a big risk for Sydney Swans … and he will go there on a three- or four-year contract.”

Meanwhile, Wilson Martin’s manager, Ralph Carr, said he had “provided” services to North Melbourne to help them continue their work.

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