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Dylan Edwards try, obstruction, Bunker, South Sydney Rabbitohs vs Penrith Panthers, Round 23

Bunker’s new interpretation of the banning rule has come under fire after the Panthers were awarded a controversial try to Dylan Edwards in their clash with Souths.

In the 28th minute, Edwards’ attempt was deflected off the outside shoulder by Lachlan Elias’ leading rusher Isaac Tago.

But Bunker said Elias didn’t make the tackle and Campbell Graham made a poor decision to step in, which opened up a goal gap for Edwards.

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“Campbell Graham was the form of the decision to go in,” Bunker said.

We know he was in a relationship with Lachlan Elias. However, Dylan Edwards beat Campbell Graham outside off, causing the gap to be created and the try to be scored.

Greg Alexander was critical of the interpretation change from the bunker, where countless similar attempts have been called this season.

“The second attempt from the Panthers to Dylan Edwards had a big question mark on it,” Lara Peet said on Fox League.

“That was it and I didn’t hear the video umpires until last week when Bradman Best tried it,” Alexander said.

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Dylan Edwards scored a controversial try.Source: FOX SPORTS

“The outer shoulder was very black and white.

There was contact with Lachlan Elias and video referee Dylan Edwards sent off Campbell Graham for a try.

“There will be a lot of fans wondering why that wasn’t a penalty when Isaac Tagore made contact with the outside shoulder of Lachlan Elias.”

However, Michael Ennis believes Bunker got the decision right as Tagore tried to run away from Elias and run down the line.

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Southerners come out on the ‘chirpy’ Panthers 01:15

“I was critical of Brody Jones against Adam Reynolds last week, but if you look at that the other way around, I don’t think there’s anything else that Isaac Tagore does,” Ennis said.

“I think even though he’s changing his body direction to get outside Lachlan Elias, he’s still moving into space to make sure he hits the outside shoulder.

“The read from Campbell Graham was a poor defense and I thought they got it right.

He wasn’t quite as genuine off the pitch as he knocked out the half-back.

Commentator Warren Smith was very critical of the change of heart from Bunker to introduce a gray area in the handicap calls near the final.

Smith tweeted: “It’s great to be three weeks out from the finals and to have the team change their interpretation of the barrier on consecutive weekends.

“For the past two or three seasons, Edwards’ attempts have been seen at once and no attempts have been made, now the defender is making a personal call as to whether or not he plays a role in stopping the effort.

“So much drama comes to an end near you.”

Social media exploded with fans and pundits confused by the call.

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