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The New York Post really started calling for a longtime Australian watchman outside the NBA G-League in mid-May.

After the fall of Kemba Walker / Derrick Rose, the Nicks need a point guard. And they need more protection, ”Postman Mark Burman wrote on May 19.

In less than a week, it was clear that Nickic, who was chosen by No. 11 in Friday’s NBA draft, had no chance.

Dyson Daniel could not fall that far.

“Dyson Daniels’ stockpile is one of the few that will rise during these difficult economic times,” admitted Burman two weeks later.

So what happened?

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Daniels chose his time.

He confirmed that That is to say. Man in the NBA Draft.

You know, the sky in the flash in a flash; From possible lottery options to top-10 locks.

“This is a long process,” Daniels said. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.

The 19-year-old, who left Bendigo, really started to turn around before things changed in the second half of the G-League season.

Daniel did his own thing in the eyes of the league’s most important talent critics.

And not just in terms of what he is known for – in his play, defense or athletics – but he probably answered the “big question” around the game.

rise up.
rise up.Source fall-provided

“The day I shot the ball well,” says Daniel. “This was the biggest question in my game. If I could hit the ball well, it would be fast enough.”

The NBA is often called the Do-or-Deception League.

All eyes were on Dyson. And made. And it was created again.

Simply put, his jump shot was enough to convince the NBA front office.

While the NBA coalition was in the books, Daniel Givoni, a leading draft expert, described the Australian as “extremely impressive” and said Daniel was earning a top-five buzz.

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‘Never Been Like That’

Daniels then continued to admire individual team sports.

“I do a lot of good sports,” he says. “I think my versatility and versatility have helped me in this process, and teams love what they see.

“The main thing is – who do you need to impress.”

“I showed them that I can play ball without the ball,” added Daniel. It helps, because teams want versatility, they need players who can play a lot of space.

You could argue that a player like Daniels’ was not the best time to enter the league.

A 6- and 8-foot guard who can defend on the ball, off the ball, and in many places is ready to compete at the start of the rebuilding season or now.

Detroit, with the No. 5 pick, could use Daniels. Indiana with the No. 6 general election. Or Portland at No. 7, who decided to defend Damien Lillard.

In addition, it makes sense to choose a New Orleans two-way goalkeeper to replace the left-handed Lonzo Ball, San Antonio is happy in the ninth, and Washington is tied with the youngster at number 10.

Lamelo Ball and Dyson Daniels during the 2022 Chlorox Rising Stars match.Source: AFP

Earlier in the week, Daniel told reporters:

“No matter what a team needs, whether it is a goalkeeper or a substitute, playing outside the ball – I feel there are no weaknesses.

Daniels is the first to admit that his jump-shot is a “work in progress”; He hit only 25 percent of the G-League, where he competed with adults more than college athletes. But there are mechanics. Play with some of the best players in the world for a league-ready float and basketball game and frame.

Daniel compared the game to the likes of Tyres Haliberton in defense and Lonzo Ball or Alex Caruso in defense.

But what is its roof?

“Ah, MVP,” says Daniels.

“The league’s MVP is the best Dyson Daniel. Best Beginner of the Year to get started. Player of the Year.

“Those are my long-term goals. In a short time, by finding my place in the list of names, by finding my place in the circle.

Daniel’s next task is to sit in a green room in New York and wait for his name to be called.

Not much to expect.

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