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Adelaide great Eddie Betts has spoken of his injury after the Crows’ 2018 pre-season camp with “nothing being done” by the AFL.

And Betts He questioned why the club had signed up for such a bonding retreat, saying a “resilient” culture was already in place following the tragic death of manager Phil Walsh in 2015.

Ahead of the release of his autobiography, The Boy From Boomerang Creek, Betts has become the first player to publicly reveal some of the things that happened in camp that made the 2017 grand finals a “divided” and “broken” club.

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From psychological “betrayal”, to cultural indifference when Betts shared confidential information with “camp counsellors” that were then used as verbal abuse against him, the camp became a nightmare for the Adelaide Football Club.

But after an investigation by SafeWork SA cleared the camp, it found there were “no breaches” of work, health and safety legislation.

An investigation by the AFL also found “no breach of industry rules” – something Betts disagreed with.

Asked if he felt the AFL had enough information to take action, Betts replied: “Yes, I do.”

“I told them everything, how I felt and how I felt. I felt like my voice was not being heard. And I felt like I needed justice. And I guess you know, if nothing is done it’s hurt early on,” he said on AFL 360.

“I think it’s probably one of the easiest things to say sorry; (the AFL) acknowledged today.

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“(But) when they came out and talked about Aboriginal players, it wasn’t just Aboriginal players. There were a lot of injured players.

“We told them everything. I told them everything. And many other players told them everything, but we didn’t seem to listen.”

Betts also touched on the con-silence type strategy employed by Camp; The AFLPA has now made housing claims public.

“We weren’t allowed to say anything to anybody,” Betts said.

“We weren’t even allowed to tell our teammates. To this day, our teammates don’t even know what we did in our group…we were so divided that way.

“You know, I saw that we were all hurting (after camp) and trying to make changes at that point. But yes, I felt like you couldn’t speak. And I felt like you can’t say it all and, you know, I’ve opened up and I’ve been very vocal about it and there were a lot of players in this organization who were very vocal and there’s not a lot of us’ anymore.”

The Ravens were They were the minor premiers in 2017, after an impressive 15-win season that ended in a grand final against Richmond.

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But Adelaide lost by 48 points, embarrassing her in that grand final.

Betis questioned why the club needed to make the club “stronger” by sending players to the infamous camp.

“When you look back, you’re like, what are you doing? why?

“There was one game to be honest – the 2017 Grand Final. We lost that, we were the best team in the tournament. We had a mental breakdown.

“They want us to be mentally strong, they want us to be mentally resilient and strong and I said to the squad: ‘Are we not resilient enough?’ Our coach was killed!’ We had to move together, we had to stick together. We are stuck in this pain. We were tough, tough, tough, mentally tough. We had to come back and play football again. That is resilient. It’s hard.

When we were a strong, good environment and a team that cared about each other, we didn’t need to bring in people from outside to keep us mentally strong.

Betts says he accepts the Adelaide Football Club’s apology and has fond memories of his six seasons at West Lakes.

The AFL great-grandson hoped his children could one day represent the Crows, and hoped the book would shed light on the struggles he faced throughout his career.

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