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Eddie Betts book, Adelaide Crows camp details, AFLPA statement to open investigation, Caroline Wilson shock

AFL Players’ Association president Patrick Dangerfield said after the Crows’ 2018 camp the union would have taken “quicker” action “if we had known all the information from the start” and said it was a two-way relationship between the players and the AFLPA. Challenging” at the time

It comes after AFL analysts were surprised by a statement from AFLPA chief executive Paul Marsh on Wednesday night, who indicated that much of the information detailed in Eddie Betts’ new book was “new information” to the union.

Betts has become the first Crows player to detail a first-hand account of what went down at the Gold Coast camp in 2018. Several players and officials, including Betts, left the club in three years, partly because of the camp.

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Betts has spoken extensively about his experiences at the camp in his recently released autobiography titled ‘Boomerang Moon Boy’. He said personal details shared during counseling sessions were misused, while sensitive Aboriginal cultural rituals were misused.

The AFLPA said it would launch an investigation into the pre-season event on Wednesday night and speak to all players involved to gain a “better understanding” of what happened during the trip. Marsh said he was concerned for a number of reasons, including a “lack of psychological safety”, as well as the misuse of both indigenous heritage and confidential player information.

The players’ boss said he was concerned his organization was being “pressured into keeping quiet” about the plight of some Crows players – Betts confirmed in a controversial interview on Fox Footy. AFL 360 Asked if players had told the AFLPA about the situation in camp.

“Are we not capable enough?” | 02:00

Betts said the people running the camp told him, “Don’t say anything to anybody.”

“We weren’t even allowed to tell our teammates. To this day, our teammates don’t even know what we’ve done on our team … that’s how we’ve been divided and the nature of the club since then,” Betts said. AFL 360.

“I saw that we were all hurt and we tried to make a difference at that time. But I felt like you couldn’t say it, and I felt like you couldn’t say it all.”

Appeared on the gear SEN breakfast On Thursday morning, the AFLPA confirmed it was first aware of potential issues from the Crows camp following media reports, but added players had initially told the union there was “nothing”. But as more details emerged in the media in the coming months, Marsh said it was “particularly challenging” to try to get information directly from the players.

Marsh said he spoke with the Houses at the time, but a body of silence was “drummed into the players” — and that included not explaining everything “clearly to us (the AFLPA).”

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“It’s not something we haven’t talked about — and I’m certainly not saying we don’t know there’s a level of anger about it,” Marsh said. SEN breakfast. But there are lines with this kind of stuff – and reading about some of the stuff (Betts in detail), that’s a clear crossing of the line for me.

“We may try harder than some, so I’m not saying everything that can be done has been done. But we definitely tried to understand what happened to the players – and I don’t feel like we did.

“I think players have been quiet about it because of fear and some players have had good experiences, so we understand some of the reasons why it happened. But this made the matter very difficult.

“Maybe if Eddie talks about it, it can empower other players to talk about it.”

Speaking on 3AWs Sports day On Wednesday night, Dangerfield – who was appointed AFLPA president in March 2018, almost a month after the camp – said it was “painful” and “very disturbing” to read what Betts had endured. But in the current situation, it was difficult for the union to take immediate action, he said.

Eddie Betts was a three-time All-Australian. Picture: Dan PeledSource: AAP

“We released the information we were given at the time. And obviously, it’s hard to describe, I think, to the players who were there back then when they’re still playing for Adelaide. So we got as much information as we could and as useful as we could,” Dangerfield said. Sports day.

“If we had known all the information from the beginning, I think there would have been a much quicker response. But it wasn’t like that.

“I don’t agree with not doing anything. I think it drained a lot of our resources around supporting the players, but at the same time, you need a clear and free communication between the two – and that was a challenge.

Veteran football journalist Caroline Wilson said on Wednesday night that she was surprised by Marsh’s statement, which has widely reported on the Krauss camp.

Wilson told Channel 9: “I called Paul Marsh over and over saying he didn’t know how… Leg assigned.

AFLPA responds after Betts book is released | 03:18

In March 2018, I went to Taylor Walker’s house and we talked about camp. He liked the camp, but spoke of homegrown concerns and said: ‘To my teammates, let’s get this Richmond game done (the Crows were playing Richmond at the time) and then we’ll take care of it. ‘

“After that I called Paul Marsh and said, ‘You’ve got to talk to the indigenous players.’ And then I called him the horrible accusations from other players.

“Now how can he say that… they’re funded by a lot of money, surely their investigative resources are better than that?”

Former Dockers and Saints coach Ross Lyon added: “I’m shocked, particularly by the AFLPA, Paul Marsh, that’s new information.” I hear ‘diagnostic aids’ (from Wilson), but something like that is easy for the CEO of the AFLPA and any other high-ranking, get on a plane, fly.

Era Reporter Sam McClure was also disappointed by the AFLPA boss’ comments.

“To be frank, the statement from Paul Marsh is convenient,” McClure told 3AW’s. Sports day.

Eddie Betts breaks his silence about the camp. Photo: Sarah ReedSource: News Corp Australia

“The AFL and AFL Players Association have had access to all the information available to journalists covering the matter. All they had to do was pick up the phone and have a private conversation.

“Now they’re saying this is all new information and we’re going to go back and re-examine – sorry, that’s too little too late for me.”

He issued a statement on Wednesday to the homes affected by the Crows’ 2018 pre-season camp, as well as his family, community and all Indigenous players, but did not indicate he would do more. Questions. The league conducted its own investigation that year and made recommendations on improved management and compliance, but concluded there were “no violations of industry rules.”

Wilson said she was disappointed by the AFL’s stance.

“Don’t start the AFL. They knew all this and did nothing,” she said.

“He needs discipline and punishment. The AFL is saying today they ‘broke no rules’ – about bringing the game into disrepute or inappropriate behaviour?

“Certainly, what we’ve heard from Eddie Betts is that he’s taking the game into disrepute. How could they not act? I know you set parameters, but that wasn’t good enough for me.

Adelaide Eddie Betts apologizes 01:54

In the year Ravens CEO Tim Silvers, who was not at the Ravens in 2018, called Betts on Wednesday to apologize — which Betts said he accepted.

Premiership Magpie Dale Thomas labeled the camp a “stupendous and disgusting abuse of trust and power” by the Crows.

“It’s mind-blowing that this has been swept under the rug and Adelaide has done nothing wrong,” Thomas told Triple M.

“Where are the AFLPA on this? Of course, after that camp came out, they went to their players and said, ‘Give us all the right information, you don’t have to hide any more’. And if this comes from him and they don’t, it just blows my mind.

“This has obviously affected one player and if you know one, the rest of the list may be in the same boat.”

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