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Eddie Jones blasts invisible Australia team, series decider

Saturday will be one of the biggest attempts in Australia for a decade, but Eddie Jones says the Wallabies will have to do more to promote the game Under Down.

In fact, Jones raised his hands and borrowed the Lara Worthington line since 2006 and asked, “Where are you, bloody hell?” He asked.

Instead, he regretted the absence of the Wolves in the weeks leading up to the game, and Dave Rennie’s national team flew to the host city over the weekend and opted for a new training camp at the Gold Coast.

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Asked about his comments on the pre-decision visit to SCG over the weekend, he said: “I’m disappointed with the media coverage.”

“I try to watch the news every morning and there is nothing about rugby.

“It’s a pity I grew up with rugby here.

“We want rugby to be a strong sport and the world rugby wants Australia to be a strong rugby country.

“There are always battles with the NRL and AFL. We know that. We want rugby to be a little more popular.

“I think we are doing our thing.

“I went to a charity lunch tonight to train in the community.

“We are trying to strengthen the game. 1-1 cut.

“There should be equal effort from the other team.”

The Walias beat their opponents 30-28 01:09

Prior to the first test in Perth, Walby Captain Michael Hooper defended his decision to fly to the host city before the captain’s run.

“We will not hide,” he said.

The Walias believe that not going to the training session and having everything on their doorstep will give them a good chance.

But while the Warriors are mostly invisible during the weeks of the game, Jones England is enjoying life in Kugi.

It was Thursday night at Latum Park to see Jones Randwick train.

It’s one of the many things Jones has done this week, and the former Walias coach is happy to be back in Australia, even though he has not seen his mother.

“She told me not to come and see me unless you won the game,” Jones laughed.

If we don’t win the game, she can let me in.

Jones England made three changes to their squad, remembering veteran half-defender Danny Kern to the first team.

Lewis Ludlam opened the scoring in the crowded Sam Anderhil area, followed by Olivier Chase in the second row with a header from Maro Eto’o.

When Jones was taken to England by ACG in February 1971, he said he wanted the English side, led by former Australian cricket captain Ian Chapel, to play the same attack and be positive.

“I was there when John Snow (Terry) knocked on the door and there was a clear conversation between the fans and John Snow,” Jones recalls.

“I also saw Ian Chapel walk for the first time as an Australian captain.

“Saturday is like Ian Chapel walking down the aisle and we want to play ownership.

“Play with plenty of purpose, play with a lot of energy, play together and we look forward to the challenge.”

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