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It was 1980 and Nottingham Forest stood at the top of European football after two consecutive European Championship victories.

The East Midlands region together praises one man’s name – Brian Clow, a man who brought unparalleled joy to the city of Nottingham.

“I’m not saying I’m the best manager in the business, but I’m the best,” he said with a twinkle in his eye.

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Nottingham led the way in world football.

At the birth of the shining new English Premier League in 1992, he was considered one of England’s top “pioneering” revolutionaries.

The club is still surrounded by new players, such as Roy Keane and Stuart Pierce.

Teddy Sheringham’s goal in Sky Sports’ first Premier League game sent Nottingham fans into chaos.

Famous General Manager Brian Clow.
Famous General Manager Brian Clow.Source Fate AP

“Nottingham is the first goal in the Premier League, and Coke!” His name was Martin Tyler.

Few predicted the coming catastrophe.

During that same season, the famous and talented Chloe, who went down to the playoffs, cut out a sinking, defeated image.

“We were not good enough,” he said before retiring from the administration.

After a decade of contact between the first and second divisions, things got worse when he learned that the forest had been taken over by England in 2005.

After the European victory, the same fans who drank champagne in Munich are now standing in the dark outside in the rain in Donchester.

Seventeen years have passed and the forest is on the ladder of the 2021 English Championship. It’s been more than twenty years since you last tasted English football, and the atmosphere around the city is fierce.

They have only one point from six opening league games and their confidence in the team is shot. The descent is huge.

Fans spend the night restless and begin to advocate for manager Chris Houghton’s dismissal – they will soon get their wish.

Dane Murphy and the Nottingham club have been pushing for the sacking of Steve Cooper, who is out of work after leaving Swansea City.

Cooper, who is aware of the difficult task ahead of him at managing the Nottingham Historic Club, will sign on.

Not arrogant in appearance and speech, Cooper did not meet with open arms as soon as he first arrived in the woods.

Nottingham Forest manager Steve Cooper.Source Fate-Getty Images

Fans are skeptical of his sudden departure from Swansea, and complaints of relegation to the Third Division are set to take place at Nottingham Towers.

Eager to make sense, Cooper set up his home in the heart of the city and during the day he would stop and talk to the fans.

Fans of the jungle think he is “decent.” “But can it bring results?”

Jungle Barnsley play at home and manage to crush the winner. Just like that, they are on the board.

Then they beat Birmingham, then Blackpool, then Bristol.

The narrative begins to sway.

Cooper has three players each rejected by his former club, Steve Cook of Bournemouth, Keiran Davis of Aston Villa and Sam Surge of Stoke City – all three of whom have proved their worth.

Finding Steve Cook is especially important for the forest, as it brings leadership and organization to the young back line. He has scored ten goals in 20 league appearances since his arrival.

Cook, one of the many teammates, said of Steve Cooper: “He’s strong but good. He has great nature.

“There may be a sliding door in the office because there are often players in and out.”

Wins increase and players’ confidence continues to grow.

“We are not afraid of anyone,” said conservationist Max Lowe.

“No player has ever made me feel that I should be on my feet.

Nottingham Forest’s Cafe was loaded and passed the ball.Source Fate-Getty Images

Even young winger Brennan Johnson, described by Chris Houghton as “very young” for Championship football, will start to thrive under Cooper and will eventually be named in the current squad.

Something special is in the air, and Nottingham City is booming.

Fans of the club’s so-called “Forza Garibaldi” began to unveil large, colorful red Tiffany and ticket sales as soon as the stadium expansion plan became urgent.

Craig Wally, a lifelong supporter of Nottingham Forest, has never seen such an activity at the club before.

I have never seen our fan shows before.

“It’s been 23 years since we last played in the English Premier League. Seeing us compete at that level would be a personal dream for me. It’s too long! ”

Nottingham are third on the final day of the season and need just one final win over Bournemouth to secure an automatic promotion to the Premier League.

Nottingham Forest Breeze SambaSource Fate-Getty Images

Hundreds of millions of pounds are at stake and the tragic fact that he has been out of Premier League football for two decades may be a recent memory.

They fall into the last hurdle. 1-0 Cherry. Bournemouth are back in the Premier League, but Forrest will be battling it out for the final time.

The dream may still be alive, and Steve Cooper is quick to rebuild his side morale after ruining his gut.

“We have made a great journey of automation and by doing so we have come to the end. The finals are fantastic – they are special and we want to enjoy them.

Cooper said to the players, “Take your time.”

And because of the poor record with the top six opponents this season, statists are skeptical of the ability to grow forests, but you just need to listen to Brian Clough’s famous words echo –

“I hope no one is foolish to write us.”

Nottingham will host First Sheffield United on Sunday, May 15 at 12 noon in the Champions League semi-final.

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