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England 0-0 Italy: Key Talking Points As The Three Lions’ Nations League Winless Run Continues

England may have had some revenge on Italy on Saturday night, but the unbeaten run of the Three Lions continues.

After 12 months with Azuri in the English capital, Gareth Southgate’s team should have drawn 0-0 at Molnox.

When England introduced another toothless display, England failed to win their opening three National League games and the pressure seemed to be mounting.

On an almost unsuccessful night at Molineux, we looked at the main points.

The issue of British aggression continues.

Earlier in the week, after Harry Kane was spotted moving to Munich and looking for a late equalizer, England wanted to build on those slim positives.

However, with Southgate choosing to make six changes in a 1-1 draw with their former opponent, the Three Lions showed some serious problems in the final third.

Wayne Rooney’s record for goals conceded by just three goals remains to be seen when Ken’s Roman Tami Abraham lifts his 11th trophy.

While the Southgate players controlled a lot of ball, Mason Mountain threatened Italy’s crossing, but it was worrying that they would not be able to find the net in the open game.

The Manchester Lions have not scored a goal in their first three Premier League games as Manchester City’s Raheem Sterling has a golden opportunity after the break.

Although West Ham striker Jarod Bowen was once again stunned after being replaced, England’s weakened side are now at the bottom of Group A and will have an impressive relegation.

The pressure is applied to the Southgate

Twelve months ago, after a nine-match unbeaten run at the European Championships in Italy, England have been widely praised for their return to form.

However, while the three Lions may be considered front-runners when they travel to Qatar later this year, Southgate are putting some pressure on their shoulders.

Desperate to make it to the semi-finals of this year’s League of Nations, the one-time Aston Villa defense has seen no sign.

With some extended issues in the final third last week, the question remains – is Southgate finally the manager who could lead England to the first international crown since 1966?

After taking over six years ago, Southgate continued his long and unbeaten streak, earning a reputation for being criticized by his critics.

At the start of the week, Southgate, who had made a series of changes in the 1-1 draw with Germany, eased criticism.

However, with many English fans now looking at their current crop as the golden age, the 51-year-old is desperate to get the much-needed speed soon.

Italy still wants stability.

Like Southgate, Italian boss Roberto Mancini was keen to make a number of changes on Saturday night.

Here are just a few of the stars of the European Championship in Mancini’s first XI, and the one-time Manchester City boss is looking to take his side on the big picture.

The Blues had a chance to win back-to-back matches, beating Hungary 2-1 earlier in the week and launching their own National League campaign.

In the opening game against David Frattese, Italy forced Arsenal’s Aaron Ramsdale to make a few stops on both sides after the break.

However, Saturday’s Molineux’s runners-up saw them move to the pole to book their semi-final tickets, but there is still a sense of calm among the crowd.

The Mancini people left England at Wembley in 12 months’ time to win the European Championships in surprise, but in recent months they have returned to the fold.

Italy, who lost their place in this year’s World Cup final after losing 1-0 to northern Macedonia in March, will be hoping for a better result.

Match Report Dead-

England: Ramsdale, James, Maguire, Tomory, Tripper, Ward-Pros, Rice, Sterling, Mountain, Greelish, Abraham

Subscribers Guhi, Bowen, Phillips, Ken, Saka

Italy: Donaruma, de Lorenzo, Cats, immature, DiMarco, Fratesi, Locateli, Tonali, Pessina, Skamaka, Pellegrini

Subscribers Florenzi, Gonoonto, Christiante, Raspadori, Espozito

Goals N / A

Yellow cards; England ዋ፡ ዋ ዋ ዋ—–ፕሮ ፕሮውስ፡፡ ፡፡፡፡ ግ ሬሬሊሊ – – – – – ፡፡፡፡ ፡፡፡ ጋ ጋቲ፡ ፡፡፡፡ ሎ

Red cards; N / A

Judge Szymon Marciniak

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