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England boss Southgate: This group have been incredible

Gareth Southgate praises England’s “impressive” squad ahead of their National League clash with Hungary at Molinox.

The Three Lions are still unbeaten in three league games, losing 1-0 to Hungary after drawing with Germany and Italy.

In a press conference ahead of Tuesday’s game, Southgate made it clear that he would look beyond his admiration and progress to his team.

“We want to win the game but I have different goals to achieve this season,” he told reporters. “We have fresh players and the team is important.

“Certainly there are some things we want and need to see tomorrow.

“This team is incredible, their thinking, their desire to play for England and to work better every day on the training ground.

“We’re just as lucky to have a dedicated team as we are.”

Southgate Connor Gallagher has confirmed that he will play his part, with the Chelsea man playing for Crystal Palace on loan last season.

“Why He Didn’t Play [so far] He explained that the groups and organizations we have chosen do not necessarily fit into this standard. “You also have to win your English Cup and we are trying to see things through, but everyone has to be patient.

“We think it’s important to have a big, well-thought-out team for the World Cup because we don’t just give people minutes.

“There is a balance between finding things about people and seeing how they are when they are not in the team and this team is very good at that.

“They support each other and create an environment where the team is first.”

Southgate has been linked with a move away from the club since the start of the World Cup in Qatar.

“Every time the players speak, they take a stand,” he said. “I was in Qatar for the lottery and I met with some of the staff and talked for a long time.

“FA is doing things and I know Harry [Kane] He talked to other captains about what he thought was a good idea. Nations are not trying to outdo each other, they are trying to make a difference.

“A lot is happening behind the scenes.”

England captain Cain has conceded just one goal in three National League games this season, a late penalty from Tottenham Hotspur in Germany.

“Over the last few years we’ve had goals in different areas – we have developed games and we have achieved goals for different players, averages,” said Ken.

“You will have a top scorer in any top team, but I’m sure every kid in English jersey wants to score and play and score – the main thing is to think. To starve to achieve goals.

“We have done so well in major competitions but we are still learning and improving. The children want to score goals and get involved.

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