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Essendon Bombers senior players want Ross Lyon, new senior coach, interview process, latest

Essendon senior players want Ross Lyon to take over as coach. As SEN Sam EdmundAs the Bombers begin the search for their new top boss.

Edmonds reported that the squad wanted a “senior mentor” and a “systematic approach” to take the club forward, although Lyon’s interest in going through the selection process is unknown, although he is seen as one of those in the running for the role.

“I’m very tired and wary of anything to do with an AFL senior coach,” Lyons, who met last year’s Carlton opener before pulling out of the competition when told he had to do a formal interview, said last week. A return to the capri was “highly unlikely”.

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Herald Sun Journalist John Ralph reports on Fox Football On the couch Essendon could first look to experienced coaches such as Port Adelaide’s Ken Hinkley and West Coast’s Adam Simpson, and if they show little interest, they will form a shortlist.

“I think Ross Lyon has to swallow his pride … he might be on the shortlist, but he has to go through a lot of interviews,” Ralph said.

High Bombers look for Lyon (Photo by Daniel Carson/AFL Photos via Getty Images)Source: FOX SPORTS

Saints champion Nick Rialt, who played five seasons under Lyon, said he was “in or out” for the Bombers coaching job. On the couch“At this stage I’d be close out but definitely not – because every time I hear Ross talking I still hear coach. I think there’s still coach locked into his identity.”

I think Ross would be fully prepared to go through a process… I think the problem with Carlton’s situation last time was that it went from a self-hunting situation to an overnight process. As he said, if the conversation changes and he understands the process, then he can make an educated decision. But I don’t think he has spoken to him yet.”

Former Fremantle midfielder Ryan Crowley, who played four seasons under Lyon, backed his former coach as the perfect candidate for the Essendon job, saying he didn’t think he would have to go through as much of a depth process as others suggested. For the opening.

“I think that’s what that club needs and I know there are a lot of people who say how Ross has never won a flag and they have any doubts about it, I just can’t understand that,” he told SN.

“You know how much of a fan I am of him, if he told me to stand in front of the bus I probably would have gone out and done it now.”

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He really brings some structure, he has experience and I have no doubt that sitting there will change all the rules and all the ways the AFL has changed over the years, he will already have a plan – if he is ready. And willing to step into that role.

Any team looking for a coach and not talking to Ross Lyon is doing it wrong in my opinion.

The Bombers last week formed a sub-committee to choose their next coach, with current football boss Josh Mahoney, four-time premiership hawk Jordan Lewis and Carlton legend Robert Walls parting ways with Ben Rutton and Alastair Clarkson missing with the new president. David Barham pointed out that the club will go through a painstaking process.

Barham said the club initially targeted him as an “experienced” coach, but Mahoney insisted that didn’t mean they had to train at a high level before.

In the year Former Essendon boss James Hird, who returned to the GWS club ground this year after the Bombers exited during the extras saga in 2015, is favored in the role but is not committed to a return to senior coaching. Despite this, AFL 360 Co-host Mark Robinson believes Hird will once again “deeply … like to coach”.

The Bombers are also on the hunt for a new chief executive and have several board vacancies after an audacious seven-win season as they conduct an external review.

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