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Sydney star Luke Parker will have a “big X” on his back when he faces Essendon for the first time since he was mocked by Bomber Dylan Shill.

Parker made headlines at the start of this season when he seemed to question Shill’s strength around his feet.

Swan was caught on camera going straight to Shill and shaking his shoulder several times, showing his disrespect for the opposition.

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Parker will now face Essen and Shell for the first time in the 250th AFL.

Fox Foot Eddie Bethes and Jordan Lewis believe the bombers should stand with Parker.

Lewis said: “I hope Eesendon coach Ben Rutton showed a mockery this week to inspire the players.

“I think the only big thing you can do on one side is if you are emotional,” says Louis.

I think after that game and what we saw was if I was an Essendon player, I thought Dylan Shill was wronged.

Dylan Shill seems worried after losing to Sydney. Picture: Mark KolbeSource Fate-Getty Images

“If they hadn’t seen what happened after that game and the Essenon players, if they hadn’t seen it in the next three days, they would have been under a rock.

“This was a big discussion point after the Sydney game, right or wrong.

“Of course you get a chance to get some prestige.

If I’m an Eesendon fan, I’m sitting this weekend … and I haven’t seen my teammates or players come face to face with Luke Parker on the field, I’m sorry.

Swans defended Parker’s actions, calling the incident a “storm in Typhoon.”

“I have the perfect support for Luke Parker and I think Luke Parker’s story shows that he plays the game the right way,” said Swansea coach John Longmir.

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“I don’t think this behavior is repetitive;

But Bets said he expects the bombs to respond to Parker when the two sides meet on Saturday.

“I’m sure you’ll put a big X on the back of the review,” Betts said.

The players will no doubt remember this.

Veteran journalist Caroline Wilson called Parker’s actions “scandalous,” “horrible,” and “arrogant.”

“What he did was beat someone up in a very arrogant, degrading way. I think so. ”

“The Bombers are under all sorts of pressure,” said Luis Bombers.

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