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Essendon players grill president David Barham due to Ben Rutten treatment, Alastair Clarkson North Melbourne

Furious Bombers players began venting on new Essendon president David Barham on Friday over the poor handling of Ben Rutton, who could coach his final game for the club against Richmond on Saturday night.

Barham and the Bombers have opted to join North Melbourne on a five-year deal after an 11th-hour bid for Alastair Clarkson was rejected.

Clarkson said he had met the Bombers on a respectful basis and had “no interest in ongoing discussions with the Bombers” due to the last-minute nature of the pitch.

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With Rutten under contract until the end of next season, his job hangs in the balance, Baram said the board will meet on Sunday to discuss a “Plan B” for the coaching situation.

Barham, who replaced Paul Brasher as chairman on Monday, hinted Essendon players were frustrated by last week’s push for an external review and the pursuit of Clarkson, telling reporters on Friday: “The players are disappointed they couldn’t do it.” More counseling – and I have to live with that.

But reports on Friday night indicated tensions were high as Barham tried to explain his latest actions.

Oh! Bombs never really raced by Clarko | 01:11

It was hot as the Essendon players met David Barham. They were harsh in their criticism of him and the club’s behaviour. Herald Sun Journalist John Ralph told Fox Footy.

“Furthermore, they were very strong, concerned about their support for Ben Ruth. They believe he should stay and he cares deeply for the players.

AFL 360 Co-host and Herald Sun According to chief football writer Mark Robinson, Barham “took the hit” in three separate meetings.

“The cultural part of this football club was a free-for-all,” Robinson said. 3AW football.

“Staff members feel and a few executives feel abandoned and locked out by David Barram on the board. I’m doing this. I’m going to go and make the hero move. I’m going to plot and sack and get Clarkson.’

Channel 7’s Tom Brown reported that Barham was “shattered” over Rutton’s handling of his players, according to veteran football journalist Damian Barrett. AFL Media: “Now there are problems with players of a significant nature. David Barham tried to turn this around today, first to the club and then to the players individually, and there were many challenges at that players’ meeting – until they left the club as disgruntled as ever. Their own club.

Essendon Bombers President David Barram Picture: Darrian TraynorSource: Getty Images

Barham has had some support from Essendon legend Matthew Lloyd, who says he has been frustrated by some of the club’s hierarchy’s decisions in recent years.

“I think what David Baram is doing is brave,” Lloyd said. 3AW football. “David is not in this for himself, David has seen enough – as I have and a lot of people care about the club – so I support David in what he wants to do.”

But fellow Bombers great Tim Watson was left scrambling on Friday night.

“The club is a shambles and Essendon fans must be amazed at how this has played out,” Watson said. 7 News Melbourne.

“But David Barham took control of the club and now they have the opportunity to make changes, which includes a new coach,” he said.

“I can’t see the club’s chief executive Xavier Campbell supporting Rutten’s retention and strongly backing the outgoing president.

“So when the ball kicks in 2023, this will be a very different looking Essendon Football Club.”

Ruthen manager Adam Ramanauskas on Friday morning hit out at Essendon’s handling of the coach, saying the lack of communication from the club’s board was “fundamentally incorrect”.

Humble Rutten addresses week from hell | 08:36

Club legend and board member Kevin Sheedy grabbed headlines on Tuesday after his strange response to a question about Alastair Clarkson’s relationship with the club. five Radio: “I think it would be great if Clarkson went to North Melbourne, I wouldn’t be surprised, take them down to Tasmania.

Melbourne champion Gary Lyons told Fox Footy it was no surprise Clarkson didn’t accept the bombs.

“A very insider’s view (from Ramanuskas) of what happened,” Lyon told Fox Footy.

“On the one hand you have North Melbourne dropping everything and Sonja Hood leading the charge, but anyone directly or indirectly associated with Alastair Clarkson with the Kangaroos – it’s the Bryshaw and Ponting and Curry writing. Worthy articles turned out to be completely disgusting – they had to seduce him. It was four weeks in the making.

“Then Essendon come into the game and we come late. They have a shot at Essendon Clarkson and out of respect he goes and listens – and only David Barham comes in and talks to him. And even if he was thinking about it then – obviously he wasn’t – football club director Kevin Sheedy said on Wednesday. It goes on the radio.

Barham sorry: ‘You have to live with that’ | 01:21

“The last thing Clarkson wants is to have a Jeff Kennett situation again. So you’ve got a David Barham situation and you’ve got Kevin Sheedy going rogue on the radio – what do you think he’s thinking? (Kennetht) is wearing a red and black scarf. So he goes, ‘No, not for me’ – And all the while, North Melbourne didn’t stamp a foot and just screamed.

Triple premiership Lion Jonathan Brown is under pressure as the Bombers move to Clarkson.

“We wanted Alastair Clarkson weeks ago, if not months ago, from Essendon board members or people involved in Essendon. Why wait until now to jump in? Brown asked on Fox Footy.

“They were surprised by North Melbourne’s offer and when it was rumored that he had verbally committed to North Melbourne and then decided to jump into the race, they thought ‘he’s going to do it’. They went to Ben Rutton a few weeks ago and said, ‘You know what? We should do our due diligence on Alastair Clarkson, the greatest coach of our time. We are going to ask that question. We want you to stay in the process and move forward that way. At least we are all on the same page. Now we can understand that they’re going to be upset about that, but that’s what we have to do as an organization.’ Why didn’t this happen?”

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