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The Foxes are surprisingly likely to miss out on the top eight after a successful start to the season, according to Fox Sports Laboratory.

The top six spots are all set, five teams are battling for the last two places in the post-season, and the other five clubs are desperately trying to get rid of the wooden spoon.

The Panthers’ small Premier League is all safe, and the stunning packet Cowboys is locked in a second battle with the storm.

Ellis has been awarded the Sharks and the Broncos to complete all four – with a crucial double chance in the final.

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Fox Sports LabEach club predicts the end of this season.

However, our statisticians warn that things could change quickly – for example, if the roosters annoy the Panthers next week, their forecasts will change dramatically.

Read below to see where your team is expected to end up!

NLL Ladder Forecast Fox Sports Laboratory.Source: Getty Images

Fox Sports Sweat Predicted Ladder

1. Penitentiary Panthers

The Panthers have completely dominated this season – with just one game left in the ninth round – and are unlikely to win the Premier League.

Penris is still saluting and has five games against the top eight in the last nine games, including Ils and Storm.

No team has won 20 games in three consecutive seasons – the Panthers need just six more wins to make history.

2. Melbourne Hurricane

Another season and another top-two finish for the famous coach Craig Bellamy.

The hurricane has a race to the finish line against the Warriors, Titans and three other bottom-eight factions.

Melbourne has never lost a season at Craig Bellamy, winning 78 games and winning more than any other team.

3. North Queensland Cowboys

I did not mean anyone, and no one, who came alongside Todd Payne, who finished 15th last season.

The Cowboys have been exciting this season and are still on the hunt for second place, with a lighter result and peace than the hurricane.

North Queensland are on a defensive season with just 13 points per game.

4. Paramatta Ils

Ellis has struggled with inconsistent campaigns but is still in the top four.

The knockout on Paramatata is that they have no motivation in minutes, but they must win the clash with the Tigers, Warriors and Bulldogs to secure a double chance in the final.

Els Premier League drought (36 years) lasts longer than expected for the first time in history (34 years).

Munster expects to be in blues views 00:55

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5. Kronula sharks

Rocky coach Craig Fetzigbon is expected to miss out on a top-four start to his first season.

The Sharks will face off against Storm, Cowboys and Panthers next month when they decide to double their chances of reaching the final.

Kronula has just finished third in a season or eight times in their history – four times in the grand final – and is currently only two points clear of the top three.

6. Brisbane Broncos

The club’s first wooden spoon has finally been completed after a difficult period in 2020.

Kevin Walters has done a good job of breathing new life into the Broncos and is still looking for a top-four spot.

Brisbane have never missed a three-game losing streak and thanks to Walters, they must break that unbeaten record this year.

7. South Sydney Rabbitohs

The 2021 finalists have endured a tumultuous season and are struggling to make ends meet.

Our Browns are in seventh place but they will be able to beat the Roosters in the final round and it will be down to the opening of the new Allianz Stadium.

The South only missed out on the Champions League final once last season – in 1966.

8. Manly Sea Eagles

The Eagles have suffered some setbacks this season and have struggled to cope with the loss of star full-back Tom Torbojevich.

But they will find one of the simplest on the field and will only face four top-eight teams in their remaining 9 games.

Still, Des Hassler looks set to become the first Manley coach not to make a big final appearance in four years.

Liam Martin having fun in a hostile environment | 05:00

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9. St. George Illawarra Dragons

Close but no cigarettes. Anthony Griffin’s men are said to be the bride this season, but they are still ahead of most analysts who predicted this summer.

Three more victories Dragons avoid single digits winning for the first time in four consecutive seasons since the 1930s.

10. Sydney Doctors

Pre-season Premier League aspirations will not go smoothly in 2022, with half of Sam Walker and Luke Kerry having no solid holes in the back.

The Cows have only reached the final once in the last 20 years, losing four games in a row in a single season – losing the last three and facing the Panthers.

11. Canberra robbers

Ricky Stuart’s cards are honored by the fact that player and half-defender Jamal Fogarti suffered a serious knee injury on the eve of the season.

That and their ability to win games must win. No team has doubled their lead more than Canberra since entering the tournament, bringing their total to 62 in 1007 games.

12. Newcastle Knights

The Cavaliers are bidding for the third consecutive final for the first time since 2003, but this is not a bad thing for a club that has lost nine of its last 11 games.

The simplest races in the competition are home games against the Titans and a win over the West Tigers and Bulldogs.

Rajing Bull Man ‘Made’ | 01 ፡ 33

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Take control of that

13. Canterbury Bulldogs

Bulldogs are usually placed on the bottom of a ladder like a favorite wooden spoon in the middle of the season, but their recent resurrection has lifted them off the canvas.

The Bulldogs have scored more points in their first 10 games this season than in the last five.

14. West Tigers

Michael Maguire Saga has finally decided to release the club this month, but that will not stop him from stepping down. He finished ninth, 11th and 13th in the first three seasons of Magiir.

Here are the shocking statistics for tiger fans – the club has not won three consecutive games in 100 games.

15. Gold Coast Titans

Last year, the team with only one pass left to complete its second week final was completed in 2022.

This follows a trend in the club’s history – the Titans finished 16th and 15th in the last two finals.

16. Warriors

The Warriors – one of only three teams to have sacked their coach in 12 rounds – have spent three seasons on the road due to Kovid and are finally ready to finish.

The Kiwi side must have won the Feds crown, hitting 56 double digits in just 670 games.

The origin of each team’s race

Panthers die Doros peace, tigers, sharks, eels, robbers, hurricanes, rabbits, warriors, cowboys.

Storm sur- Eagles, Sharks, Pirates, Rabbis, Warriors, Titans, Panthers, Broncos, Chickens, Eels.

Cowboy grief Broncos, bats, sharks, tigers, dragons, bulldogs, chickens, warriors, rabbis, panthers.

ELS Rabitohs, tigers, warriors, Broncos, Panthers, seagulls, Rabitohes, Bulldogs, Broncos, hurricanes.

Sharks Bulldogs, Storm, Cowboys, Panthers, Rabbit, dragons, tigers, eagles, bulldogs, horsemen.

Bronchoscopy Cowboys, dragons, titans, eels, tigers, chickens, horsemen, waves, eels, dragons.

RABBITOHS: Ils, Knights, Bulldogs, Storms, Sharks, Warriors, Ils, Panthers, Cowboys, Chickens.

Eagles Hurricanes, bats, nobles, dragons, chickens, eels, titans, sharks, invaders, bulldogs.

Dragon Robbers, Broncos, Chickens, Seagulls, Cowboys, Sharks, Robbers, Titans, Tigers, Broncos

Roosters mourn Panthers, bears, dragons, horsemen, seagulls, bronchos, cowboys, tigers, hurricanes, rabbits.

RAIDERS Dragons, bats, waves, warriors, Titans, Panthers, dragons, horsemen, seagulls, tigers.

Nobles Titans, rabbits, seagulls, chickens, bulldogs, tigers, bronchos, pirates, titans, sharks.

Bulldogs Sharks, bait, rabbit, titans, cavalry, cowboys, warriors, eels, sharks, sea eagles.

Tigers Warriors, Eels, Panthers, Cowboys, Broncos, Horsemen, Sharks, Chickens, Dragons, Invaders.

Titans Horsemen, bats, bronchos, bulldogs, pirates, storms, seagulls, dragons, knights, warriors.

Warriors Leopards, bats, eels, robbers, hurricanes, rabbits, bulldogs, cowboys, panthers.

– With Aaron Wallace

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