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Ex-cricket star Stuart MacGill allegedly intimidated, swore at alleged stalker

Warning sharp rough language

Former Australian cricketer Stuart Magel has threatened a Sydney bar owner and called her a “c ** t” after a year in prison, a court has ruled.

McGill, 51, was arraigned on Thursday in the Sydney County Court of Appeals for the first day of the trial on charges of intimidation and hate speech.

Police in Sydney have charged Samantha Lorraine Ford and his friend Stephen Kerlin with verbally abusing Samantha Lorraine Ford.

On February 1, the two men were charged in connection with the murder of Kerlin, a former partner of Lord Nelson.

Stuart Magel is accused of threatening a woman in Sydney. Picture: NCA NewsWire / Nikki ShortSource: News News Corp Australia

At around 6 a.m., police called Mr McGill “C ** t” for what he described as a “colorful attack” on Ms. Ford.

One witness said he saw the two men approach Argyle Bar’s hairdresser and “threaten her.”

The young man told the court he was sitting with his friends outside the Lord Nelson pub when he heard the men say something to the woman in a “distressing tone” on the line “Make your stick ***”.

A friend who witnessed the alleged incident said the two men were “very loud” and grabbed their hands as they walked down the street.

“They started screaming in anger at someone,” he said.

They shouted something and grabbed her naughty finger.

One of the men said that he had heard Mrs. Ford say “f *** you b ****.” The court heard that the owner of the Sydney Bar was “visibly distressed,” and she came to the witnesses and identified the men as “her ex-boyfriend”.

When Mr. McGill and Mr. Krill Mills entered the Captain Cook Hotel at Point, the court was told that the “criminal conduct” had continued.

When Mrs. Ford followed them to the bar with her dog, Mr. Kerlin reportedly approached her and allegedly assaulted her in front of staff.

Stuart Magel with attorney Joseph Cory. Mr. McGill is fighting the charges in a public place, using intimidation and obscene language. Picture: NCA NewsWire / Nikki ShortSource: News News Corp Australia

CCTV footage from the bar showed the two men standing over the woman, speaking loudly.

One bartender told the court: “They’re drunk.”

“(Mr. McGill) yelled at her and their behavior was aggressive against her.”

Witness Ford said she was holding her dog, and a former roller coaster leaned on her.

“It caused a scene in the bar,” said the spectator.

CCTV footage showed Mr. Kerlin standing at the entrance of the bar as he approached his ex-partner and pointed violently at her.

The three players stand at the entrance of the bar and the video shows Mr. Kerlin getting very close to his former partner and forcing him to look at her.

Mr. McGill approached Mrs. Ford and touched her face, but the image came back as Mr. Curling approached and moved strongly.

A female staff member intervened and Mr. Kerlin went, but they turned around and leaned between Mr. McGill and the staff to talk to Mrs. Ford.

The picture shows Mr. McGill calling on his phone and going to the bar, at which point the three of them dispersed and Mrs. Ford left the door.

Former Australian Stuart Magel image by William West during an interview with England Captain Joe Ruth during training at Sydney Cricket Ground in 2018Source: AFP AFP

During a recorded interview with the court, former Australian cricketer Ford told police he had been chased to the Captain Cook Hotel on the day of the altercation.

“She only came to us for one reason and that was to intimidate us,” said Mr. McGill.

“I felt scared and took action.

Former cricketer Miss Ford told investigators in an interview that he and his partner had been harassed for more than a year.

“For more than 12 months now, my partner… ሁሉም and all of Steve Carlin’s friends have been scared of Samantha Ford,” he said.

“Despite being told to go, Samantha Ford refuses to leave, refuses to leave people alone, constantly follows them and threatens anyone’s feelings.

The court heard that Mr. Maggil was “uncompromising” and “crazy” and told the police that she was comfortable all the time around. He made a formal complaint but did not get anywhere.

Mr. Magil’s criminal record was told to the court that there was only one defect: three years ago he was convicted of moderate driving and fined $ 950.

Stuart McGill told police he and his colleague Maria Omeger had been beaten by Ford.Source approached

On Thursday, Mr Kerlin pleaded guilty to one count of felony criminal mischief and one count of felony criminal mischief. The charges of aggravated assault on August 25 are being considered.

Although the hearing lasted only one day, the court heard various delays and extended the waiting period.

The case is being re-assigned to another two-and-a-half-day court hearing on January 30.

The restraining order prohibits Mr. Magill from contacting the victim or approaching her home or workplace.

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