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Good things will come to those who look forward to it, but Carlos Science did not think he would have to wait 150 Grand Prix for the first sign.

Of course, it took him a long time, and he finally did not believe it.

It is the latest sign that Science has returned to the forefront of conversation after being dominated by teammate Charles Leckler on all weekends. In the last few rounds he has seen a small but important future, and he has been able to make the development work for him in a clever way.

Unfortunately, Mercedes could not say the same about the great prospect of the weekend. The fifth and eighth on the grid take into account humid weather compared to the team’s most promising practice speed.

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And Lewis Hamilton had to be happy, not just his weak car. Former British rival Max Verstape has called on the British government to show more respect for him.

Carlos Science leaked some unwanted records

Ferrari started six of the nine Grand Prix before the British Grand Prix, but none of them were run by Carlos Science.

Now the Spaniard has finally found one for himself.

Science has been overshadowed by teammate Charles Leckler in all aspects of this season, and the frustrating step back from his impressive first Ferrari last year did not take long to accelerate with the new machine.

But Scuderia’s car, which was designed this time around, is much happier in the back to fit perfectly with the science of driving, and is longer than expected, and he finally began to hear what he said after the Canadian Grand Prix.

He made good use of that new feeling at Silverson.

And this is the kind of pole you take when you feel comfortable and safe in the car. It was not a pillar of pure speed – even the Spaniard was surprised to hear that his “nothing special” thigh was fast enough for the top, but based on good, clean, clean rounds.

When Lecler and Verstape made a mistake in their last race, science was flawless and a pillar was awarded.

It is a seasonal success, especially since this year has seen a decline in the number of unreleased records.

Earlier this weekend, his 150th grand race, the sixth in the list of drivers, without a pole, began with a table run by Roman Grosjan in 179. He has now cleared his name of that humiliation.

He is still undefeated, placing seventh among the undefeated drivers, although record holder Andrea de Cesaris is ashamed, and is equally third on the Gates list, 33 behind Nick Heydfeld.

In most races this season, with a fast car on the track, science is just a matter of time before the first victory is won – but at the same time, every time he goes without it, the pressure increases. Especially in the context of the Ferrari riots.

Can he delete his name from F1 on other unhappy records on Sunday?

Mercedes at a crucial afternoon

What happened to Mercedes?

The silver arrows were lifted after practice on Friday night. The W13 speed on this track and the recent improvements were clearly a step in the right direction in recent weeks, even though the front-end ratings may not be accurate.

Instead, he could not reach the second pole, and that was only by the hand of Louis Hamilton, who came in fifth. George Russell was eighth behind 0.2 seconds behind McLaren and Alpine.

Suddenly, this driver is not expected to come home.

“To be honest, we hope for something better,” Mercedes technical director Mike Eliot told Sky Sports. “In some ways it is good to see how fast we are moving during the dry season. Wet session is always a little mixed.

Photo by Clive Mason / Getty Images
Photo by Clive Mason / Getty ImagesSource Fate-Getty Images

“We did the right job, we brought both cars to Q3, and then it was about getting the tires in the right place at the right time.

“What you see is that you need to increase the tire temperature. Just trying to do that right, being in the right place at the right time on the track, is challenging.

“Fifth and eighth, they are not very bad compared to where we were, but we hope it will be a little better.”

Tire warming has been a shame for the team’s entire season and indeed last season, and the problem is exacerbated by Saturday’s cold and wet weather.

Hamilton was shot in the front row and left the flight for the last time to charge the battery. He is down on the command.

But the trade for a soft car on Saturday could better manage the rubber on Sunday, and this year we have seen Mercedes often compete near the front. Doing on Saturday.

So can the team have at least some optimism about the race?

“I think it’s hard to know,” said Eliot. “I think if you look at our long run on Friday, it looked great. We feel that we have made good progress since yesterday. If we run the race tomorrow, we can have a good run.

“Wait and see where we are. I think we want to know what the speed is after we have made improvements to the car.

Photo by Clive Mason / Getty ImagesSource Fate-Getty Images

Verttap Bued in Britain

After leaving the tournament, Louis Hamilton called on the people to show superior sportsmanship after Max Verstape shouted loudly from the stands.

Among Formula 1 fans, Boeing has been on the decline, but has grown significantly during the tense championship campaign last season. Hamilton has often found himself in the throes of a successful ‘orange war’ in Vertaspe, a well-to-do tour of Europe.

Britain is often home to the biggest rust of F1 fans, but pretending to be non-partisan is especially misleading to support Hamilton and it is not surprising when the British return their favor in the presence of their heroes.

But Hamilton has sought home support to further honor his former rival, despite his past 12 months of emotional turmoil.

“I think we are better off,” Hamilton said. “I say we don’t need to bouncing.

“We have such great fans, our sports fans. They feel up and down emotions. But I definitely disagree.

“I don’t think we should. We must all push here. It doesn’t matter if you yell at someone, whether he has already made a mistake or not.

But I really appreciate the support I have here. And maybe some of them are still in pain from last year.

Last year, Verstape said it was not his fault for encouraging Dutch fans to shout, and although the shouts signaled that he would stop interviewing after the end, this time he was stuck in the same line.

“I was a little frustrated because I didn’t really understand Bill. [Monger]”If you want to fool me, you can do that.” Nothing changes for me.

“Maybe some people don’t like me. That’s fine. They all have their own opinions and I don’t care.

After last year’s polarization, it is hard to believe that infiltration will disappear anytime soon.

Photo by Mark Thompson / Getty ImagesSource Fate-Getty Images

good day

Lando Norris had a great day, Friday’s training pace to a solid performance, with Fernando Alonso excelling in midfield and McLaren’s fourth battle with Alpine as developers.

Norris was just 0.032 seconds faster than Alonso. It is difficult to know if this will translate into a performance on Sunday, as Alpine did not make any meaningful races on Friday, but Papaya’s car seems to be strong on the run.

ን Guanyu split Q3 for the second time in his life and second race and is a sign that he has finally taken his full-time promotion to the top, beating teammate Valtari Botas for the third consecutive race. Game.

The car did not compete for the top spot in the Alpha Romio driver, who rated well on Friday, was 0.6 seconds ahead of anyone else, but ranked ninth – the shortest starting point in his F1 career – before Nicholas Lafi, who failed to tie a round in Q3. .

But the Latif days were positive. It is the first time in three seasons that he has – in what appears to be the end of the season – has grown to Q3 and the 10th is the highest starting point of the Belgian Grand Prix.

bad day

Daniel Richard was unable to squeeze Norris’s performance from the wet mackerel, and after the Q2 he was knocked out in the lower 14th without conceding his first thigh before heavy rains prevented him from improving. He leaves eight points with his teammate and has a lot of work to do to earn points.

Esteban Okon was similarly caught in the Q2 rain and the same places behind Alpine teammate Alonso. Alpine is undergoing a major overhaul of its cars this weekend, hoping it will increase McLaren’s chances of beating him as a team, but the Frenchman will not contribute to the points this weekend.

What’s next?

The British Grand Prix is ​​live on Kayo.

Pre-competition coverage will be broadcast live on Sunday at 10 ፡ 30 and will be turned off at midnight.

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