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It took an extra hour to start the race, but what Silverson had in store was to be expected.

The season’s best runner-up, Carlos Sins, recorded his first win of the season, with the movement from wheel to wheel on the field and the result uncertain until the final round.

Only a small problem could slow down the race for glory in the glorious Silver Sunshine.

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According to his colleague Sergio Perez, Verstappen’s leadership has diminished, but his differences with Charles Lecler are diminishing, and so does Red Bull’s leadership in Ferrari.

One day when the Dutchman was struggling with a car accident, Ferrari could not score the most points. Instead, it is broken, and if the champion is still alive, this will be the afternoon we can meditate later in the year.


Carlos Science won the battle, but nothing could help Ferrari win the silverware.

Victory for science is often coming. He was frustrated at this time when his shape with Lecler was compared to the SF-75, but there have been strong signs of progress in recent rounds – he won in a well-taken pit stop in Monaco, and he was the fastest. The last person in Canada.

But more than that, science had to come out and get it. He started with a stick but was slow to take the lead at the start of the race and had to bite Ferrari during his safety car and when he started again he was told to return to record Hamilton and Perez used the old Lecler to use old tires.

His attack on his teammate was strong, and he never doubted his control over the race.

EPIC 3-Way Combat Silverston | 01:20

But there are two aspects to this story. While struggling to find someone who is unhappy with the fact that Science has won the race, Lecler despaired – and just like that – missed the chance to make a big breakthrough in the Verstapen title.

It is clear that Lecler was faster than Science at the start of the race but was not given a team order before the first pit stop, wasting precious time and eventually forced Ferrarin into a strategic mistake when the safety car was called to the lap 39.

At the time, he was four seconds ahead of Science, which kept Lecler Hamilton out of the field for two seconds, but the team did not think enough to connect the two cars. Time is running out, perhaps in the wake of the Monaco double disaster.

The team had to select a driver to give it a new tire advantage for the final 10-round flag hoisting.

Re-launching Lecler, he left the old dangers and chose science. Monegask dropped to fourth place with just 12 points, then reduced seventh-placed Verstapé’s lead to just six points and dropped to 43 points.

Error selected.

The victory of Science was a good story and could prove the motivation to start the season, but Lecler did nothing by stepping down the ranks of the drivers and putting science back in the lead – or just playing with a neutral hand. If the team is serious about screening Verstappen at the builders’ level.

This was not the first stage of the year for Verstape and the third to be fruitless. They don’t come very often, and he missed the shot to make Ferrari capital.

Ferrari Radio Wars by British GP | 01 ፡ 36

Halo saves the day

Paddock was fortunate to have left Silverson Paddock out of injuries and car injuries after a series of serious accidents in Formula 2 and Formula 1.

The most prominent of these was the horrific explosion of Zhu Guanyu, which first flew past the tire protection and into the retaining wall.

When the field rose from the grid, he met Pierre Gasley and lost control of the Mercedes road, which was overturned by George Russell.

Alpha Romeo slipped through the rocks and climbed into the air as the race zone met the curtain.

Photo by Ben Stanley (AFP)
Photo by Ben Stanley (AFP)Source: AFP AFP

The Chinese beginner had to be taken out by the medical team and then miraculously taken to a medical center without breaking a bone.

The car, however, was unlucky, and once he saw the wreckage, it was clear that his life had been saved. Without the safety structure introduced in 2018, his rolling wheel would be completely destroyed and his head fully exposed.

In fact, the security improvements in Formula 1, from the structural integrity of the living cell to the strength of the fence, were a universal indication that the alpha did not enter the larger standards.

Halo, who was doing a good job this weekend, was not the first example. In fact, Dennis Hawger’s premium car went straight into Roy Nissani’s DAMS machine cockpit just before Sunday’s Formula 2 feature race. Only halo forbade what was clearly devastating.

Formula 1 may have been entertained by the modern Grand Prix classic, but it was due to the FIA’s constant monitoring of excellence.

Photo by Ben Stanley (AFP)Source: AFP AFP

SCHUMACHER finally scored.

He needed a son, Mike Schumacher.

Schumacher’s preoccupied and meaningless first half of the season has been under intense pressure by losing the German to a seat, signaling the moral growth associated with the return of Kevin Magnusen, who built a good car for the first time in many years. , A wall with a real purpose.

The team does not need a driver who is inclined to build expensive reconstruction.

Every round that Schumacher failed to score points this season – and had a few golden chances before falling – was exacerbating the pressure.

The British Grand Prix did not seem to be an obvious place to check that box. Haas had a shocking performance in the afternoon, with Schumacher being 19th ahead of Lance Strol, but in a race, both cars were unable to stop in the pack. They didn’t need a safety car either, and both drivers split the 10 well before the spirit of Ocon’s spirit left.

Schumi pushes Max to finish the first point | 00:33

In addition, a young man who understood the importance of bringing the car home with anything, played an amazing role in the final part of the race with Max Verstapen.

In the end, Verstape did not pass, but finished eighth on the flag, scoring the first few points.

Just as Science left some unwanted records on the pole on Saturday, Mike also made a statement to the record books.

He was sixth on the table in most competitions before Silverson, scoring in 31 games.

He now ranks fourth on the list of long-distance drivers ahead of George Russell, the third-highest scorer in the 32-yard line with 37 points.

Like the junior campaigns, will the first good result in F1 open up more flooding?

McLean lost more land to Alpin

Fighting continued for the fourth time at the construction stage, between Clarence and Alpine, with Fernando Alonso’s fifth, lowering Lando Norris’s lead to just six points.

Surprisingly, Alonso criticized the place from Norris Season McLaren’s tire strategy crashes when the safety car crashes.

During the precautionary period, most drivers switched to new rubber, but McLaren was not sure if he would sacrifice the track space late in the race – unless, after one round. It was the right call for Alonso to take the lead late in the race but at the wrong time.

Still, it could be worse. It could be Daniel Ricciardo.

Zhu ‘OK’ after 1st round crash | 00:58

The Australian spent a painful day in Silverson this weekend – indeed a weekend. He was ranked 14th in the rain in Q2, and although he had hoped for progress in the race, the fall of DRS made it extremely difficult to make any relay during the Great Price, making it 13th meaningless.

He was hit by an unusual tire that caused three holes, including the back of the car, to stop more than two normal people.

McLaren’s only consolation is that Esteban O’Connor has eliminated the race and eliminated the result.

Mercedes missed opportunity

Finally, it is difficult to leave the British Grand Prix over the weekend without thinking that Mercedes missed out on a great opportunity to win the first game of the season.

W13 was fast all weekend, but a performance error in Q3 meant Hamilton could not compete for the front row and Russell started near the middle of the pack.

The role-playing game began and ended only after he was in the corner, not on the final injury, but on the track, and Zuh ran to the scene of the accident to try to help his isolation. His car could not be restarted, and the rule only allowed those cars to return to the pit line without having to start over.

Hamilton’s afternoon was even more fruitful, and a long opening period on the middle tires – highlighting how well his car performed on the Silverson – gave him a victory over the Ferrari drivers who were late in the race for hot tires. Instead, the security car abandoned its strategy and left him in a thrilling but time-consuming battle to avoid victory.

His better performance may have left the team with fewer unanswered questions on Sunday night and at least his desire to win this season.

The challenge now is to repeat that form in Austria and France.

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