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In this year’s calendar, 22 contests and up to 24 contests are planned for the next season, making it difficult to turn on the TV. not at all See Formula 1 – We are not complaining.

But there is going to be a big increase in Formula 1-related media in the coming years, and new TV series, movies or documentaries are being aired regularly.

Daniel Ricciardo is the latest driver to throw a helmet into his ring after announcing his participation in a new TV series in the production cycle.

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Elsewhere, the sport It is showing green efficiency as it seeks to achieve its target of net zero emissions by 2030, with the latest item being removed from the list, which it believes could have a major impact on global pressure to reduce its carbon footprint. .

Daniel Ricardo penetrated the TV

Daniel Richardo is set to launch a new television series based on Formula 1, another example of the sport’s international entertainment.

As Hollywood Reporter, Ricciardo has teamed up with American streaming giant Hulu to create a 30-minute television series based on Formula 1. Manufacturing companies Temple Hill and Lionsgate are also involved.

Little is known about the show, which is still in its early stages of development and is still in search of a writer.

Ricecardo is far from the only track off track. In recent years, the Perth native has worked with the South Australian vineyard St. Hugo to produce a wide range of wines, along with the limited edition and stunning real Riccardo deacon, which takes the form of racing boots.

The TV commercial is hot on the news as Lewis Hamilton starred in a new F1 film starring Brad Pitt and directed by Joseph Kosinsky. Apple Studios will present a documentary film produced by Hamilton and its manager, Louis Hamilton. Box to boxing movies, the studio behind it Drive to salvation; And a community.

The proliferation of Formula 1 in the popular media is a testament to the rapid growth of the sport in the post-epidemic years, particularly in the United States, and ESPN is expected to announce a three-year broadcast agreement of up to $ 90 million. ($ 130 million) The previous contract, signed in 2019 alone, reportedly cost only $ 5 million a year, an increase of 1,800 percent.

Dan Mulan / Getty Images / AFP
Dan Mulan / Getty Images / AFPSource: AFP AFP

F1 produces new sustainable fuel in Net-Zero Push.

Formula 1 says it is preparing ‘sustainable fuel’ for its new energy unit regulations as it pursues its goal of net zero carbon emissions by 2030.

The sport is designed to introduce a new hybrid power unit for the 2026 season. .

The oil was formulated by Formula 1 with Saudi Arabian oil giant Aramko and is already in production.

The sustainable value of synthetic fuels can vary depending on the way they are produced. Efficient conversion of coal to fossil fuels is relatively low in terms of fuel combustion, but biomass conversion reduces greenhouse gas emissions compared to current technologies.

According to the BBC, the F1-produced fuel is more man-made than organic, although a spokesman said the fuel will be carbon neutral during its life cycle.

The main feature of the new fuel is the ‘throw’ on the existing combustion engine. This will not only simplify the process of designing the new power unit, but will also be of great benefit to the international transport sector by generating significant emissions worldwide.

Negotiations on the F1’s 2026 power unit have slowed down by 12 months last year, although they are expected to be similar to the V6 turbocharged hybrid systems used since 2014.

A key change would be the discharge of the MGU-H unit, which converts waste heat into electricity and connects primarily to the turbocharger to avoid delays. It was one of the best parts of the current unit, but it was difficult to control and was considered a major obstacle for new engine builders. Volkswagen is still unable to make a formal commitment to Formula 1 with Porsche or Audi.

Nevertheless, the power supply of the unit will increase significantly, from the current 120 kW to 350 kW.

Mercedes boss Toto Wolf said earlier this month that he hoped the rules could be agreed in mid-August.

Clive Mason / Getty Images / AFPSource: AFP AFP

Bernie ECCLESTONE has another crack.

Headline-grabbing has been a tough thing for Bernie Ecleston, and the 91-year-old former F1 captain was fired several years ago but has not shrunk.

After Lewis Hamilton was rumored to have no intention of fighting this season – you will never get the truth – Ekliston has temporarily hired Toto Wolf’s former Special Adviser Shayla-An Raoon to the FIA. F1 CEO following Peter Bayer’s sudden departure.

The move has sparked controversy among some groups, particularly in the context of Mercedes, which appears to be well prepared to respond to the FIA’s late advertising law in the Canadian Grand Prix. Red Bull racing also questioned whether intelligence was changing, while Ferrari was more cautious about asking for an appointment.

Eclestone, however, had no feelings.

“Bloodshed is dangerous,” he said Daily Mail.

“Toto started all this nonsense about cars that need to be replaced. He spoke openly about the new guidelines. She worked with Toto for two or three years.

When I was leading things, I wanted Luca de Montezemolo (former Ferrari boss) to be the chairman of the organization, but the teams went crazy because he was a Ferrari man.

“It was seen as a conflict of interest, so how does she do it?”

Mercedes said no good information had been received in Canada, but Wolf objected, saying Rao had worked for the FIA ​​before joining German Markets.

Workers’ disputes, however, are not limited to Mercedes. Alpine has been embroiled in controversy over the appointment of former FIA technical director Marcin Budkowski as executive – after he left the team, while Ferrari beat former FIA security chief and deputy director Lauren McKis as competition director, both of whom were private. For confidential information from competing groups.

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