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How many drivers will Australia have on Formula 1 next season?

Of course, none of the exciting numbers will reach two enthusiasts, but neither Daniel Richards nor the Oscar Pistons can decide for themselves.

There is a third important player in this area, Fernando Alonso.

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Alonso sits in the Alps seat for Pistachio, but the Spaniard is unwilling to terminate his contract at the end of the season. It will take at least another two years, and it will be very difficult for the team to relinquish their two-time championship.

The only problem is that they don’t want to start negotiations until the middle of the season.

And there is critical tension.

Alpine’s plan for months was to plow the pistons to Williams and keep Alonso, but Alonso could not agree on a loan until he re-signed. Meanwhile, the management team led by Piazza and Mark Weber are looking forward to a place on the Grid in 2023, and as we mark the middle of the year, the urgency of locking space is increasing.

Suddenly, the speed behind him moved to Williams. Piastri replacing Daniel Ricciardo: There is now smoke coming from McLaren Motorham. And in Formula 1, there is very little smoke.

But an all-Australian driver exchange is a real opportunity, and what does it have to do?

Leclerc wins dramatic Austrian GP | 01:46

Condition 1 ፡ Daniel Daniel Ricciardo McLaren left

This is a far cry from the fact that the first and most obvious, Daniel Richard, should not be competing against McLaren and that he should be registered as a non-water contractor until the end of next season.

Needless to say, the hypothesis over McLaren and Formula 1 about Richard’s future is a major topic of discussion this season. Although the start of the campaign is promising and bright here and there, team-mate Lando Norris has not been able to enjoy the pace of the weekend, which Zach Brown said is expected of him.

“When we look at the to-do list and how Lando is going, do we expect it to be next and behind Lando? Yes, that’s right, ”he told Fox Sports.

But contrary to rumors of a rift between Richard-McLaren, Brown said they were still working together.

“We like to work with him. He loves the team. When we give him a car that can win, we see that he can win in it.

Probably more to the point, he reported The raceThe decision to terminate the deal earlier was on Richard’s account, not on the team – to remind him of how highly comfortable Daniel was.

What, then, is Richard’s view?

Responding to the devastating performance in Austria, he said: “Obviously I want to know, and the best way is for me to try and learn and help a little.”

Brown Wear Daniel loves us and we love him 01:05

That means Richard may not decide to go home at the end of the campaign, especially as McLaren is known to be out of action this season and may still be years away from becoming a regular. Winner.

The promotion to agree to the car may ultimately determine that it is not worth the price. And while the smiles are permanent, the fact that they have flashed more than usual in recent weeks has not caught the attention of many.

But to find out why he doesn’t click on the car with a contract and a clear license in his pocket, it’s hard to imagine anything else he’ll stick around next year.

Case 2 ፡ Receives McLean Credit Driver

But for this hypothesis, Richard had enough and of course he would avoid those rounds. Is that a complete deal for Pistachio?

Not really.

True, McLaren Norris is working hard and does not need a replacement for Daniel in terms of experience. Britain may now have enough experience to accommodate a novice driver in another car. So it makes sense to bring pistachios to that level.

But will McLaren, who has a strong desire for championship, be willing to take on a loan?

And the driver who borrowed from the team’s main rival in the Championship rankings this season?

If the chance of accepting the threat of Clare’s beginner’s bleeding is to return it to its main competitor and when it comes, it would be contrary to logic. Chances are it will be far away – and it will go either way, and McLaren is certainly at the bottom of the Alpine Partners list for the same reason.

Sainz ‘Concerned’ After Car Burning | 00:58

Considering McLaren’s situation, certified adolescents have reached a milestone in the market. Alex Albon’s contract expires at the end of the season. Pierre Gasley has promised AlphaTauri another year, but if we are writing Richard’s contract with this hypothesis, we can also write the French and put it in the mix.

Sebastian Vettel, an experienced veteran, could be replaced if he is not ready to retire. He has had some good days in conventional machinery this year, and McLaren could be a four-time Swan singer who is more than Aston Martin.

Even Fernando Alonso – can you guess? – If alpine negotiations fail, it may be tempting to return, although this may be a very small option given the level of performance of the two groups.

In Formula 1, pistachios are undoubtedly the most sought after driver. It’s just not his relationship with Alpine.

Condition 3 ፡ to pass- alpine pistachio

So, let’s get to the heart of the matter. What if Alpine allows piston?

We are now in the realm of hypothesis, because Alpine brought Oscar in Junior formulas and paid to stay with him this year, there is no way he will voluntarily release him.

But each contract comes with an expiration date, and it is common for F1 driver contracts to include triggers, usually in the middle of this season – at the end of July – after which they are free to negotiate without discrimination.

Due to delays in negotiations with Alonso over the failure of Alpine Pistacht to sign a loan deal with Williams or extend his contract, manager Mark Weber would benefit Australia if he trades everywhere.

‘This is just epic’ – F1 by Best | 00:47

And Weber has a long-standing relationship with McLaren, head coach of the McLaren team, which manages the Porsche World Insurance Championship when he won the title in 2015. No wonder Woking will be the first call port for both negotiation and ease of use. Use with alpine.

But the inside line for the team leader is the last part of the puzzle. First he needs to call Pistachio Ricciardon, then the French team needs to break his contract with Alpine before they can confirm their deal with Williams.

“They’re all intertwined and intertwined and it’s just a matter of time, and we haven’t arrived yet,” Alpine director Otmar Szafnauer said of the Alonso and Piastri contracts.

“I think I was asked in May and [said] We start thinking about him around the clock in Silverville and maybe we finish something after the break, and that’s still the case.

“It’s great to have one of our young drivers wanted by other Formula 1 teams. It shows that we have the potential.

It is good to know the alpine piston’s potential, but it may be too late for the group to realize itself.

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