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In the opening round of the British Grand Prix, there were scary scenes as Alpha Romeo ዡ Guanyu collided head-on with a car overturning and flying over obstacles.

Max Verstapen leads the race with pole keeper Carlos Science in the opening corners, ተት slipping into a gravel trap.

The collision took place when Pierre Gasley, George Russell and ሄዱ were three feet wide, and Russell’s left tire was cut off by Gazley’s car and crashed into Zoo. As he drove, he grabbed the bottom of the car and overturned it.

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The race was called off with a red flag, and her car was seized. The speed of the accident was so great that the car flew over the top of the block and stuck between them and the wall in front of it.

Russell stopped the car and ran to the scene to see if he could help.

After being stuck in the car for about 15 minutes, ዡ was eventually removed and put on a stretcher, and commentators said he was awake when the medical team pulled him off the truck to take care of him.

No further matches were played for 25 minutes until it became clear that Zoo was OK.

The truck was overturned and sent to the block.
The truck was overturned and sent to the block.Source fall-FOX SPORTS

Run preview

Before the start of the 150th Formula One Formula One British Grand Prix on Saturday, Carlos Science surprised himself with a bold thigh in wet weather.

The 27-year-old Spaniard’s team-mate surpassed his team-mate Charles Lecler and world champion and series leader Max Verstape to keep the Red Bull in first place.

The one-minute, 40.983-second best round was the final part of the tension, with each driver appreciating the rain-soaked spectators.

“Thank you to all the people for encouraging me,” he said in an interview after the session. “Thanks to everyone for being there with this rain!

“We Spaniards struggle a bit with this rain, but you can tell me people are used to it! So thank you for being there.

When asked about his performance in deceitful situations, he said he was surprised that science was the fastest.

“It was a good leg, but I was struggling a lot with the stagnant water on the middle tires,” he said.

“There was a lot more standing water on the racing line and it was very easy to find and lose the thigh.

“Also, in these situations it was more difficult to get the temperature into the middle. In the end, I put together a leg that I thought was nothing special, but I just put it on the board – and it was a little bit of a pole position!”

Canadian GP to Verstappen Vacation | 02 13 13

Two-time world champion driver Carlos Sensez Sinez said he was confident that Sinez would turn the first pole into a virgin victory on Sunday.

“I think so,” he said with a broad smile.

“The fastest weekend has been there, with the exception of FP3 we have issues that we think will be ‘cool’, but if I base myself on my FP2 speed, we have to be in a good position to hold on to it. .

I’m sure Max and Charles (Lecler) put a lot of pressure, but I will try my best.

Later, he added, “Leading the formation round I think I feel good in Ferrari, and I will do it for the first time.

I do not think I have forgotten after leading the World Series of Renaissance. I think I won a couple of races with Formula – I think one was at Portemao and it felt good.

“So the goal is to do it again. Self-confidence is high. I can try to build my own race by pushing the lead from the beginning.

Two weeks ago, he was the fastest driver in Montreal, Canada’s Grand Prix Science, but could not find his way past sixth-seeded and Red Bull’s six-time winner Verttape.

The 24-year-old Dutchman is 175 points ahead of Red Bull’s team-mate Sergio Perez (129) and Leckler (126) and 22 Grands Prix 9 this season.

Leclerc, who took six poles this year, was disappointed to be able to maintain control of the pole at the end of Q3, but was disappointed to spit on the last leg.

Verstappe had a rotation of recovering from a full 360 rotation.

“I’m sorry,” said Lecler. But I’m happy for Kalos – he did a good job today. I spun on the last leg. So I don’t have to be on the pole, but the P3 is still a good place. We can still have a very good competition.

2022 British Grand Prix – Home Grid

1. Carlos Sanz (Ferrari)

2. Max Verstapen (Red Bull)

3. Charles Leckler (Ferrari)

4. Sergio Perez (Red Bull)

5. Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes)

6. Lando Norris (McLaren)

7. Fernando Alonso (Alpine)

8. George Russell (Mercedes)

9. ዡ Guanyu (Alpha Romeo)

10. Nicholas Lafi (Williams)

11. Pierre Gasley (Alfatawuri)

12. Walter Bottas (Alpha Romeo)

13. Yuki Shunoda (Alphatauri)

14. Daniel Richard (McLaren)

15. Esteban Okon (Alpine)

16. Alex Albon (Williams)

Kevin Magnusen (Hass)

18. Sebastian Vettel (Aston Martin)

19. Mick Schumacher (Hass)

20. Lance Strol (Aston Martin)

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