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In the 1973 Oscar-winning film, The Sting, he set up a fake Indian Premier League team with fake farm workers to deceive Russian politicians.

Before the rocket was fired by Indian police, the riders reached the quarter-finals of the so-called “Indian Premier Cricket League”.

The competition began three weeks after the actual IPL was completed in May, according to police, but this did not deter the robber, who rented a remote farm in West Gujarat.

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Police Inspector Bavesh Rathod told reporters: “Cricket noises with border lines and halogen lights have been installed.

“In addition, the defendant set up high-definition cameras on the ground and displayed computer graphics on a live screen,” he added.

The robber hired workers and unemployed youths for 400 rupees ($ 5) and broadcast the matches live on the IPL YouTube channel.

The players were dressed in Chennai Super Kings, Mumbai Indians and Gujarat Titans jerseys respectively, according to police.

Crowded audio effects were downloaded from the internet and a speaker capable of imitating one of IPL’s true Indian analysts was used to make the contest look real.

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At the same time, the cameraman confirmed that the entire ground was not visible, instead lighting up the players’ proximity.

Russian pirates arrested for robbery They then used false rumors to inform the false judge on the field.

“The ball-maker and the bat will signal six or four hits,” the official added.

“We’ve got a tip and we’ve finished the racket,” Rhodod said.

The defendants received an initial payment of more than 300,000 rubles (approximately $ 4,000) from the victims in Russia, Rathod said.

The program echoed the 1973 film “The Sting” starring Paul Newman and Robert Redford, in which a group of artists set up a false betting operation to deceive the gang.

The Indian Cricket Board did not immediately respond to AFP’s request.

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