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There are only 9 rounds left in the regular 2022 season, with 12 teams still in contention.

Of On the couch The team explores the Eight and the race the Black Horse – it has many areas of concern for some competitors.

Thanks to Champion Data Statistics, see where some clubs are gaining glory while others are losing focus.

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1. Brisbane

Since the 8th round, the Lions have been 16th in the points of defense

Experts say:

Jonathan Brown is worried about the pressure on Brisbane in the Premier League, behind the scenes.

“I don’t think this is a Premier League team for me,” he said.

“You have left the point, and that is a stick. They are a strong stopping team. ”

According to Brown, the two “bookends” by the lions of Harris Andrews and Joe Danielle must rise if they reach their final goal in 2022.

“Harris Andrews and Joe Danielle need the biggest 10 weeks of their careers to get Brisbane offline and win the Premier League,” he said.

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2. Melbourne

Since the 8th round, the Demons have been ranked # 14 in the top 50. They are ranked 6th out of 1-7 rounds.

Experts say:

Jonathan Brown believes it is a “good time” for Melbourne after “losing their way” after three straight losses.

“You feel you can be revived and you can regain that pressure,” he said.

Gary Lyon says there are “huge issues” with the club’s recent losses and key players such as Steven May and the injury of Captain Max Gao.

Lyon says the biggest thing the club should talk about is getting into the 50s in the future.

“The way you have recently gone is a bit of a mistake,” he said.

“There is no imagination in the way you go.”

3. Fremantle

Since the 8th round, Doctors have been ranked # 15 in the relegation zone. They have only won twice in their last seven games

Experts say:

Gary Lyon said the transfer count was “a bit of a concern” for Flag hopefuls.

But the ultimate lack of experience could be the fall of the Docker in 2022.

“There is a school of thought that you need to know,” said Leon.

I think it’s a big question (to win the Premier League without experience)… But who knows? ”

Jonathan Brown is likely to agree with Fremantl.

“I couldn’t see them win the Premier League in the first place.”

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4. Geolong

From the 8th round onwards, the Cats are ranked 10 points, 11 points from approval and # 9 in ball movement.

Experts say:

Gary Lyon said those who are proud of Geolong Fire should not have problems with the scoreboard.

He warned: “When it comes to disgust, Geolong’s side with names like Hawkins, Cameron, and Stingle has fallen a bit.”

“It’s not really working for them, but they are winning.”

Jonathan Brown said he did not think the cats “hit their pots.” But Patrick Dangerfield’s return could boost Geelong in the race.

5. Carton

Between 1-2 rounds, the Blues’ average clearance difference was +3.5. But in the last two weeks it is -4.5

Experts say:

Nick Realt’s’s part of the Carlton game, which won games early in 2022, has faded.

“The clean-up game, the real strong start of the year has hurt the last two weeks,” he said.

“Lost workers – Pitonet is a behemot for them. It is a great physical presence.

The Blues have now lost six defenders due to injury, with the back line “exposed”.

Jonathan Brown said: “I have never seen such a vulnerable group – I just left one place.

6. Richmond

In the last seven games, the Tigers have been relegated from the top of the table, with a difference in points, a place in the semi-finals and a point in the next half.

Experts say:

Nick Rieweldt claims that Richmond Statistics’ three-time Premier League winner is the ‘Blueprint’.

“Can’t it happen again?” he said.

“They may have been a little hungry last year, but (but) a talented player like Balta is coming in.

“Nick Vlastin, Dylan Grims, Dion Prestia – if they can stay healthy and healthy, I think they will be Tijas again.

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7. Sydney

A.D. In 2022, the Swans are ranked # 13 in the quarterly gap

Experts say:

Nick Riweldt is worried that Sydney will be left to do much after a quarter of an hour.

“They don’t come out of the blocks quickly,” he said.

“They were too late to start games.”

Riewoldt warned that the “youth group” could be inconsistent with Swans’ average.


Since the 8th round, the Saints have been ranked # 17 for the results of the protests

Experts say:

Gary Lyon is a concern for St Kilda’s attacking options and clubs could easily get back on track.

“It is very easy to score goals against the Saints. “If you can get past West Coast, I think it’s easier to score.”

Nick Riewoldt said statistics were “definitely condemned”.

“If you continue this form of form, will you live there? There are some alarming signs of the Saints now. ”

Another focus is on young Max King. King is the target of 38% of St. Kilda’s innings in 50, making him the most targeted player in AFL.

He is the most targeted player in the comp – this is highly predictable for opposing defenders. They can be packed around, ”said Jonathan Brown.

“Buddhism is a bit similar to Sydney and Buddhism.”

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And the Dark Horse ዳርቻ Gold Coast

Since the 8th round, the Suns have been at the No. 1 level of pressure, a point of contention that has changed after a change of pace and purity. They are ranked in point # 2 and point # 3

Experts say:

Nick Rield believes that 2022 will be the first year we will see the Sunnis final.

“I think this could be,” he said. “If it’s a Victorian team now, then we are talking about a shooting team.”

Jonathan Brown marveled at the way the Suns are preparing for their season.

“There is a real opportunity to prepare themselves for the sun,” he said.

“Many parts of their games have come together.”

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