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finals predictions, Carlton Blues fixture, run home, loss to Adelaide Crows was insipid says Mark Robinsion

Carlton suggested his “absurd” display against Adelaide at the weekend had “problems popping up all over the place”. AFL 360 Co-organiser Mark Robinson, ahead of the fight to stay in the top eight.

But Brownlow medalist Gerard Healy believes there is too much anger at the defeat, saying some Blues fans “want to get their team to ninth on the ladder”.

Carlton suffered a shock 29-point defeat against the Crows on Saturday night, leaving Michael Voss’ side vulnerable in the top eight with three difficult home and away games remaining. The Blues need one more win to secure their finals spot, but games against top four sides Brisbane, Melbourne and Collingwood will be no easy task.

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“He was really stupid. Most Carlton people would say that,” Robinson told Fox Footy. AFL 360 Analyzing the performance of the Blues against Adelaide

“Adelaide, fantastic performance… but these guys (the Blues) let themselves down badly and let themselves down in two areas.

“They’ve had pop-up problems everywhere. I describe it like a water park, the water keeps popping up… It’s like Vosi said: ‘We have a problem there, we have a problem there, we have a problem there.’

Crows stun Blues at Adelaide Oval | 01:31

They had problems in defense at the weekend, they struggled to turn it over, two players got 40 (disposals) and only one made an impact, the frontline struggles – Harry (McKay) doesn’t get the ball, the lads don’t score – and now Jack Silvagni doesn’t play and it’s a problem for the club. We are saying that it had a psychological effect. If so, how weak is the team if Jack doesn’t play? That’s just silly.

“They had a chance and it blew badly.”

Co-host Gerard Wyllie said it was a “significant misstep” by the Blues.

“If you lose eight, 8-3, it’s a shame for all the work you’ve put in,” Haley said. AFL 360.

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“I think we accept that these are future stocks that can exist for now and play a big role in disrupting the ability to do that. But don’t miss your spot.

“I don’t know if they can take care of their business before then, but you have a sneak peek at Carlton and Collingwood in last Sunday’s home-and-away football and if the Blues are scratching to book themselves on that stage. Somewhere … they’ll probably be good enough to do it before then, but they’ll have the angry Lions to deal with (this weekend).”

Robinson added: “Part of building your future is playing the final game at the MCG in front of 80,000. Even if you beat it, it’s going to get out there and it’s going to get stronger and the expected rally is high and the pressure is hot – that’s part of the building. You can’t sit on your ass after a round (23) when you’re 8-3 at the half.

Harry McKay of the Blues. Photo: Sarah ReedSource: Getty Images

Speaking on 3AWs Sports day On Monday night, Healy said he noticed a lot of negative feedback from Blues fans after the loss – comments that didn’t really reflect where the Blues were at.

“Yes, it was a terrible loss on the weekend, but at this stage the negative reaction to me is over the top,” he said on Sports Day.

“The Blues fans, or a lot of them, want their team dead, despite being good for most of the year and having a lot of injuries, they want to finish ninth in the table.

“I think the team is entitled to a mulligan – and they’ll get it at the weekend – and a bit more confidence from the guys they’ve already written off.

“It’s been a tough journey for Blues fans over the last 10 years and they’ve become used to a lot of disappointment. But I wouldn’t write them at the moment.

Healy says Carlton’s best leg is still at the top of the competition. He said the return of George Hewett and Jack Silvagni, as well as a pick-up in form from Harry McKay, should help turn things around.

“It’s a lot to think about for Michael Voss, but at this stage the glass is still three-quarters full for the Blues, not the completely empty jug or pot that many Carlton fans seem to be drinking from this weekend,” Healy said. .

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