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Finish to Tasmanian State League match, goal after the siren, video, Kingborough Tigers v North Launceston Bombers, Jordan Lane

Talk about drama!

There were crazy scenes at the end of the Tasmanian State League match between the Kingborough Tigers and the North Lawston Bombers on Saturday to determine the result.

With a four-point deficit, Kingborough’s Jordan Lane bounced back to hit the playoffs and took his 50th full-time lead.

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As the tigers screamed for the party, Lane’s shots quickly rose and the referee made it work. But did he touch the post?

There were some spectacular performances in the Tasmania State League match to the end.Source: FOX SPORTS

A number of bombers immediately appealed to the goalkeeper, and the officials lined up to assess the suspicious play.

“What a drama – I thought he missed! That is why I do not want to call him home, ”said a Tasmanian State League analyst in the video.

After a short discussion, the head of the field ran backwards to clear the decision, as the goalkeepers marked the Kingburo players’ cheers.

There were spectacular performances in the Tasmanian Football League match to the end.Source: FOX SPORTS

From 12.10 (82) to 12.8 (80) for the Tigers 12.10 (82) to 12.8 (80), their North Lawson rivals were crushed.

The commenter added: “Goodness, North Lawston, has been severely affected.

And Lane, who finished with four goals in the game, undoubtedly achieved a lifetime dream.

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