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The second day of the first test in Sri Lanka could be the end of the wicket case in Australia.

Alex Kerry did not record his childhood. Sri Lanka did not even bury it in the ground. But what he did changed the pace of the game and helped Australia dominate.

Similarly, Adam Gilcrest could change the course of the game in one session, with Carrie (45-47) going some way to Australia’s first experimental victory.

Together with Cameron Green (77), the Medium Sequence pairs have a partnership of 84 VW. But they were faster than they were.

Their 50-run stakes were high, and no Australian partnership was registered as fast.

Australia leads 101 races on third day

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SL v Aus First Test Day 2 Top News | 06 ፡ 39 39

With three games to play in his 26-game career, the Cummins could still pull the game away from Sri Lanka.

He may need it.

At Peach after the opening session, Australia did not want to chase more than 150 on the galley floor.

That could mean some more low-pitched tonics to continue Australia’s unbeaten run in the eight-match unbeaten run.

Here are some of our highlights:

Alex Kerry, an Australian, has changed his pace when Sri Lanka threatened to return.  Photo by AFP AFP
Alex Kerry, an Australian, has changed his pace when Sri Lanka threatened to return. Photo by AFP AFPSource: AFP AFP

Kerry is a watchman.

A day after a hard day behind the stump, Kerry made a name for himself in the Australian XI.

The beat of the wicket guard still reached Sri Lanka under a microscope.

Josh Inglis is included in the squad for the second straight visit, but to recover from injury, he may only need to take Gatora to the center.

It is often said that the hardest work for a wicket keeper is working in the subcontinent, and Kerry did it on his first day.

David Warner helped Kerry, but no one was offended when the ball was converted from the start.

Anyway, Carrie lowered, his hands soft and the ball, well, taken clean.

But he was a self-confident bat.

At 5-157, Kerry went to the crescent during a difficult time.

Osman Kawaja was eventually overthrown but came to power during the Middle Ages.

Another wicket Australia was actually under the control of Sri Lanka.

But Kerry was attacked.

He didn’t take the bowlers to the ground but played a very unconventional innings, clearing and controlling the field.

He ran through the blocks and took his partner green.

In the end, Kerry went for 45, but the race was close.

Kerry’s wheelchair shows what Sri Lanka did wrong and how they can attack in the future.

The left player did not run to the ground and instead went into the abyss with one man.

Cameron Green pulls in half a century. Photo: Getty ImagesSource Fate-Getty Images

In the end, the decision to bring in Chandimal bore fruit, and Kerry tried his Mendis over the top but managed to get a thick outer edge.

Still, Kerry Inings was one of the most important.

‘Special Green’ is just getting started

He could sacrifice 140km / h, but Cameron Green was not needed with the ball in the early innings.

Instead, he starred with the Green Bat, which was in a 4-100 danger zone with Australia.

Some Australians take years to find their way across the continent.

Kerry? It took about five minutes to build in Pakistan, with an average of 51.66, and it looks amazingly comfortable on wickets for an adult growing up on solid fields in Western Australia.

The 23-year-old scored 77 goals in 109 goals for tourists.

Kajaja and green tones | 01 ፡ 31

Green was right on his feet and placed the free ball with great force before finally catching the lead.

At the same time, he helped Australia to take control.

Greg Chapel named him the best since Ricky Pointing before his first test and this comment seems more and more accurate in Ining.

He is described as a “crazy talent,” and that is what he puts it.

Brady Hadin, a successful Australian wicket keeper, paid tribute to the Sri Lankans instead of being a green game plan and a saved duck.

“Great knockout from Cameron Green,” Hadin said in his comments after the all-round fifth-half record.

With each innings, it is getting better and better. This will be very special. It’s the fifth half, but that’s the way it went today.

“Under pressure, he took the attack to the Sri Lankan bowlers.

“We are seeing something special here with Cameron Green. Every trial is getting better and better. Understands what is needed to build. It’s a very high level knock from Cameron Green.

“What I like about it is planning. He used his legs well, planned to go on strike and put pressure on Sri Lankan drivers, and what he showed to a very young man was watching the game closely. He learned from Pakistan. The series and the way he wants to do things have a really clear game plan.

Leon and Swapson combine for 8 wickets | 03 ፡ 32 32

KHAWAJA THE MAN FOR INDIA, but what about England?

It is difficult to remember the Australian XI without Osman Kawaja.

Interestingly, in December 2021, the group did not include Kawaja, who was expelled from the group for almost two and a half years.

Since then, Kawaja’s growth, as a 35-year veteran, has been well documented.

Australia’s Osman Kawaja (L) will play football in the first half of the first half century. Photo by AFP AFPSource: AFP AFP

Incredible back-to-back tones on SCG back in the first match. A heartbreaking 97 in Rawalpindi, followed by 200 in Karachi, and another 195 in Lahore.

Aside from that amazing competition process, the scratch in the galley 71 doesn’t seem to deserve attention – but it can be said to be the most interesting.

Kawaja’s experimental narrative shows the shocking beginnings of Asia, where he was exposed to dusty bowls and was named a weak spinner.

After five attempts on the continent, the average was only 14.62, and the criticism was positive.

Returning to the Gale Shades on Thursday, it averaged 60.86 in Asia, a year in which it could not be fully achieved.

Only Mike Hussein (63.06) has outscored more than 600 races in Australia for Kawaja.

In test matches in Asia since 2018, that average has risen to a staggering 113.71 for Kawaja.

Osman Kawaja (L) was forced to move to Gale International Stadium in Gale, Sri Lanka, on June 30, 2022, after being captured by Patmos Nisanka. Photo: Getty ImagesSource Fate-Getty Images

Pakistan’s big races on light tracks helped Kawaja change earlier this year, the site of a miracle in Dubai in 2018 was not the one we witnessed.

But Kawaja’s ability to sweep, clean and revive has not only improved, but he has emerged as one of Australia’s best.

His inserts in the galley confirmed this, although there were a few nervous moments.

Kawaja looked good on the first day, but on the second day he ran 71 with 130 balls.

By comparison, David Warner, Marnus Labushagn, Steve Smith and Travis’ head all survived 70 balls.

Given the age of Kawaja, some feel that he is an appointment at the top of the list.

But while he is doing this and is finding places to improve, you have to think about why it can’t be much.

Regarding the following; In light of his recent performance in Asia, Kawaja could be the key to next year’s tour of India.

A.D. For the ashes in mid-2023, the left-hander must show this summer that he can run as an opener on a moving new ball.

In January, the ACG ran in the middle of the race against Hobart in the Green Sea, scoring 6 and 11 points.

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