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For the first time since 2017, the Queensland Reds have only one player in their squad for Saturday’s World Cup qualifier against England.

Jordan Petaya, the only red card in the squad for the return of full-back Taniella Tupou, will wear the 23rd jersey after naming the Brombus-dominated Eddie Jones team.

The deepening of Renny’s hand shows that Tom Wright and Tate McDonald have left.

“The good thing is there are a lot of challenging decisions,” Rennie said Thursday.

“We talked about going deeper and creating more competition for places, so that’s positive.”

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Dave Rennie says the absence of a number of quality players reflects the depth of Australian rugby. Photo: Getty ImagesSource Fate-Getty Images

Wright In 2022, the Australian winger was for Brumbs, but he saw Andrew Kellaway take the right wing last season.

McDonald may also feel sad that they missed out, with Jack Gordon appointed Nick White as his assistant.

When Harry Wilson from the northern part of the border asked to be named in the back row, an additional bite of Rob Leota was preferred.

Meanwhile, Noah Lolesio’s selection of Quad Cooper’s replacement has raised eyebrows, with Renim O’Connor saying he was not sharp enough after losing the Super Rugby season.

Here are our winners and losers from the first test team selection.


Rob Leota

The Slow Start of the Rebels Many have written about Melbourne-based franchises and their players.

They suffered casualties at the start of the rebellion, which was defeated by Fiji Drua and miles away.

Leota’s return played a key role in gaining some respect for the Rebels.

He was carrying a thunderstorm and his defensive demeanor and brutality were what Dan McKeller told reporters earlier in the week.

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Rob Leota’s strong edge allowed him to be selected in the first attempt with England. Photo: Getty ImagesSource Fate-Getty Images

The Reds’ supporters pointed to Wilson’s running lines, but Leota was given the back row thanks to the back row.

Rob Valletini is a strong runner and the online race may not be as strong.

Caderyn Neville

Perhaps the most surprising choice of many is that Neville deserves his place completely but it is often overdone because he does not engage in sexual acts.

McEllar has always been deeply concerned about the 33-year-old. That is why the farewell coach, Brumbis, decided to move from Japan to Canberra.

Neville presents the starch in the team.

Moreover, he was one of the McKellar chargers who played a major role in the roll.

With Darcy Swain, Vatini and White half-back, the continuation will be crucial for England.

“I saw Nev at the age of 33, but if you look at him, he is a very good athlete,” she said. “He can walk around the park.

He is from 124-125 km.

“It’s a very good story in terms of perseverance.”

Noah Lolesio

The one-time madness of Lolesio’s game was tested by the Blues at the end of the Super Rugby.

But the field goal was saved by the side player who saved the best rugby for Trans-Tasman.

He led them to victory over the Highlands, hurricanes and princes. That is no small task.

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Noah Lolesio was chosen ahead of James O’Connor. Photo: Getty ImagesSource Fate-Getty Images

The Reds did not win a single game when they lost O’Connor, which shows the importance of the number 10 jersey.

The choice he made at O’Connor was healthy but not “sharp”, to show his confidence in the growing player.

The other aspect of his choice is positive, he gets more minutes on the fly-half in the “future”.

Hopefully both Cooper and O’Connor will make the World Cup, there is a chance that their bodies will break.

After all, O’Connor has spent as much time on the sidelines as he has been on the field for the past decade.


Tate McDonald

At the end of the Super Rugby season, McDonald was screaming on the side slide.

The Reds were unable to beat New Zealand’s opponents after defeating Okonnore and then Taniella Tupu.

The Reds’ weak form clearly undermines Wartah’s captain Gordon’s optimism over Macedon.

McDermott’s running risk is second to none in the country. The speed and risk around the move is a big concern, but Rennie has chosen the older and possibly older Gordon.

“It was tight. You say Jack and White had great times, ”said Renee.

“Tate was good but in the last two months I think it was hard for him when he was struggling as a team in New Zealand.

“Whitey was great. Jack had a great season. It’s a really competitive place.

O’Connor’s exclusion may have affected the mackerel ax.

Tate McDonald’s has been left out of the squad despite his ability to run and change the game. Photo: Getty ImagesSource Fate-Getty Images

James O’Connor

When Cooper left last spring, O’Connor was dropped in the No. 10 jersey, but an experienced driver was in charge and Walibis lost all three of them in the UK.

It was not necessarily Okonor’s fault. He had just returned from injury and had spent some time in the saddle.

The two best players in the Rugby Champions League were Samo Carrie and Marica Korobete.

But you feel that the lesson has been learned from the visit and that voters do not want Okonnor to back off from the deadline.

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Head coach Dave Rennie James O’Connor said the injury was not “sharp” yet. Photo: Getty ImagesSource Fate-Getty Images

Although O’Connor may be heading in front of Lolesio, Rennie admits he could be playing outside the backfield last year and could be an option if Tom Banks fights.

“They let James go,” says Renee.

“Of course, in the second half of the year he missed something big, he didn’t play many kiwi games and he suffered two different injuries and when he came back healthy and ready he was a little lacking in skills. Everything is very fast.

Harry Wilson

The Reds are one of Australia’s most popular young rugby stars.

A.D. Since coming to the stage in 2020, fans have fallen in love with his speed and line-up.

But the devil is in the details.

Rennie wants trouble, cruelty, fights, and a balanced back row.

Renee had previously coached his bosses and played Leah Mesam – the man with the strongest edge – and pulled Sam Ken out of the bench.

Harry Wilson is still a fan favorite, but he is still struggling to beat the Wolves. Photo: Getty ImagesSource Fate-Getty Images

When Vatini joins the starting line-up, Wilson will find it difficult to join, especially if Lachy Swinton returns from a shoulder injury.

“I thought Harry was good with the rest of Australia, but it didn’t have the same effect on New Zealand,” says Renee.

“There is not much in it. Harry has worked hard but Rob (Leota) gives us a real step forward like Bobby.

“They are good adults on both sides of the aisle. Wilso is not far away. It was not a straightforward decision. We had a lot of discussions around the last few days. ”

Tom Wright

Although Suli Punnival may have played ahead of Wright, Bumbis in the back was brilliant in 2022.

The ending shows the depth of Australia’s inability to join the team.

Another victim of the disappearance was the savior Pisami.

The strong Reds Center had another good season and the overall package was highly rated by British staff and experts.

Paysami was the best in the UK after losing his last two tests in Kerevi last year.

Injuries to both Kerrev and Lane Ikita may have caused Pisami to return.

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