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Formula 2 crash, video, Roy Nissany and Dennis Hauger, halo, sausage kerbs

Halloween is receiving the credit it deserves after saving the life of Formula 2 driver on Sunday.

Roy Nisani can count on his lucky stars after getting into a collision car following the second round.

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Nisani ran on the turnpike before entering the track in front of Prime Dennis Hawger, but when Hawger turned in to precede Nisan, he forced the relationship between the pair and turned left.

The collision forced Hawger off the truck, causing the car to move to the next lane with the right tire, unable to control or reduce it.

As Hauger hit the corner, he saw the bolt lift off the ground and slip in front of Nissani’s car.

If there is no halo on the car, it will be taxed for the 28-year-old. Instead, both drivers avoided the dreaded accident.

During the replay, the commenters left both drivers unharmed.

“That’s an unsavory life, and I say, I say a lot on social media, it lifts sausage cars into the air – that’s a terrible accident you see. There’s a halo that saves the driver’s life,” said one commentator.

The car was immediately dispersed as supporters rallied to thank the FIA ​​for its security improvements.

Stupid sausage control in F2. Halo saves the day again. Sick accident. I am very happy to see Roy Nissani moving away from that, ”wrote Will Buxston.

“Nisani is no doubt the architect of all this. While Halo reaffirmed its value, the sausage restrictions reaffirmed its dangers.

San Sport’s Franck Christos writes: As a result, another driver escaped unharmed. ”

Halloween with the introduction of Formula 1 World 2018 with mixed responses.

However, the safety device has received commendable recognition after many crashes.

Luis Hamilton escaped injury at the Italian Grand Prix in 2021 when Red Bull landed on top of Hamilton Mercedes.

“It’s like today, I remember how lucky I was. It takes a millisecond to go from the race to the most frightening. Someone must have been looking down at me today, following me. ”

A.D. In 2018, Charles Leckler suffered a serious injury thanks to the arrival of Fernando Alonso McLaren up and down his head.

“We can stop the HALO conversation now. It will save lives. ”

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