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Geelong have pulled off a shock selection by naming Rhys Stanley back from a knee injury, initially expected to be sidelined for several games.

But after only missing last week’s game against the Western Bulldogs, Stanley will be back against St Kilda this week alongside Jonathan Seglar.

Elsewhere, Fremantle have made a selection statement citing Liam Henry and Travis Coller as Darcy Tucker and Nathan O’Driscoll return for the club’s crucial meeting against the Dogs.

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As Alex Keith and Adam Treloar return and father-son prodigy Sam Darcy makes his debut, Luke Beveridge makes his own bold move, dropping Baku Kamis, Mitch Hannan and Rory McComb.

Carlton named Caleb Marchbank, Jack Martin, Lachie Fogarty and Paddy Dow, the latter three on a bench stretched for the pressure clash against Brisbane.

More to come.

Melbourne v Collingwood

Friday, August 5, 7:50pm at the MCG


B: Rivers, Petty, May
HB: Jordan, Lever, Hibberd
C: Bryshaw, Oliver, Hunt
HF: Pickett, Fritzsig, Langdon.
F: Neil-Bullen, Brown, Spargo
A: Gown, wine, Petracca
I/C: Salem, Jackson Melksham, Sparrow
EMG: Harms, Tomlinson, Van Rooyen, Chandler
Inside: Brown
Outs: Weidemann (out), Chandler (sub).


B: Murphy, Moore, Howe
HB: Pendlebury, Maynard, Quinnor
C: J. Daikos, Clear, Noble
HF: Elliott, Cameron, Sidebottom
F: McCreary, Mihocek, De Gott
Follow: Cox, N. Daicos, Lipinski
I/C: Carmichael, Johnson, Hoskin-Elliott, Guinevan.
EMG: Bianco, Henry, C. Brown, Kelly
In: Mihocek
Outs: Adams (injured), Bianco (out).

Hawthorn v Gold Coast

Saturday, August 6, 1:45 pm at UTAS Stadium


For: Sicily, Jeka, Scrimshaw
HB: Impey, Hardwick, Grainger-Barras
C: Ward, Mitchell, Morrison
HF: Serong, Brest, McDonald
F: Butler, Gunston, Moore
Followed by: McEvoy, Nwcome, O’Meara
I/C: Maginess, Nash, Day, Koschitze
EMG: Blank: Phillips: Howe
In: Impe, Grainger-Barras, Serong
Outs: Giat (suspended), Morris, Lewis (both injured), Blank (managed).


B: Graham, Collins, Lemmons
HB: Farrar, Andrew, Ellis
C: Sharp, Miller, Hollands
HF: Ainsworth, Chol, wow.
F: Leukosius, Casbolt, Holman
Next: Wittes, Rowell, Anderson
I/C: Davies, Rankin, McPherson, Rosas
EMG: Moyle, Bowes, Fiorini, Atkins
In: Ellis, Davis
Out: Atkins, Markov (both excluded), OE (sub)


Saturday, August 6, 2:10 pm at GIANTS Stadium


For: Cummings, Taylor, Haynes
HB: Kennedy, Keefe, Perryman
C: Kelly, Ward, Whitfield
HF: Taranto, Green, Peatling
F: Coniglio, Hogan, Lloyd
Follow: Preuss, Hopper, Green
I/C: Himmelberg, Aller, Briggs
EMG: Brown, Ash, Fleetwood, Brown.
In: Coniglio, Briggs, Riccardi
Outs: Ash, O’Hallaran, Brown (all out), Ware (injured)


B: Ridley, Laverde, Zerck-Thatcher
HB: Redman, Kelly, Hind
C: Durham, Langford, Heppell
HF: Guelfi, Martin, Hobbs
F: Wright, Stringer, Stewart
Followed by: Draper, Merrett, Parish
I/C: McGrath, Perkins, Snelling, Jones
EMG: D’Ambrosio, Menzie, Bryan, Cutler
In: Parish, McGrath
Outs: Caldwell (injured), D’Ambrosio, Menzies (sub)

Western Bulldogs v Fremant.

Saturday, August 6, 4:35 at Marvel Stadium


B: Williams, Keith, Cordy

HB: Treloar, Darcy, del

C: Richards, Liberatore, Smith

HF: Johannisen, Bruce, Dunkley

F: Weightman, Naughton, Ugle-Hagan

Fol: English, Bontempelli, Macra

I/C: West, McNeill, Daniels, Garcia

EMG: Martin, Vandermer, McLean, Kamis

In: Keith, Treloar, Darcy

Outs: Cammis, Hannan, McComb (all out), Gardner (injured).


For: Chapman, Cox, Walker

HB: Young, Pearce, Ryan

C: Clarke, Bryshaw, Acres

HF: Schultz, Loeb, Serong

F: Frederick, Taberner, Walters

Foal: Darcy, Brodie, Aish

I/C: Logue, Tucker, Mundy, O’Driscoll

EMG: Banfield, Johnson, Henry, Wilson

In: Tucker, O’Driscoll.

Outs: Henry, Collier (both excluded), Banfield (sub).


Saturday, August 6, 7:25 pm at GMHBA Stadium


B: Guthrie, King, Beuss

HB: Kolodjashnij, Stewart, Henry

C: Duncan, Blicavs, Smith

HF: Close, Cameron, Stengel

F: Hawkins, Stanley, Dangerfield

FOL: Ceglar, C. Guthrie, Parfitt

I/C: O’Connor, Holmes, Atkins, Myers

EMG: Menegola, Tuohy, Dahlhaus, Evans

In: Stanley

Outs: Selwood (managed), Rohan (injured).


For: Wilkie, Howard, Webster

HB: Battle, Sharman, Sinclair

C: Clark, Windhager, Wood

HF: Membrey, Hill, Butler

F: Higgins, King, Owens

FOL: Marshall, Steele, Ross

I/C: Paton, Hanbury, Crouch, Long

EMG: Jones, Leinert, Burns, Campbell

In: Howard

Outs: Leinert, Byrnes (both out)

Port Adelaide v Richmond

Saturday, August 6, 7.40pm at Adelaide Oval


B: Burton, Jonas, Mackenzie

HB: Burn-Jones, Alier, Houston

C: Amon, Bock, Dursma

HF: Butters, Finlayson, Farrell

F: Gray, Dixon, Powell-Pepper

Fall: Plant, vine, rose

I/C: Bergman, Drew, Burgoyne, McEntee

EMG, Bonner, Clary, Mead, Georgiades

In: Houston, TX

Out: Jones (injured), Marshall (HS protocol), Georgiades (out).


For: Gibcus, Tarrant, Balta

HB: Becker, Vlastuin, Rioli

C: Pickett, Short, Mackintosh

HF: Graham, Cotchin, Bolton

F: Riewoldt, Cumberland, Lynch

FOL: Nankervis, Prestia, Sonsie

I/C: Ross, Miller, Rioli, Spt

EMG: Mansell, Dow, Edwards, Soldo

In: Gibcus

Outs: Edwards (managed), Grimes (injured).

North Melbourne v Sydney

Sunday, August 7 at 1:10 p.m. at Marvell Stadium


In: Core, McKay, L. Young

HB: Dawson, McDonald, Stephen

C: Scott, Davis-Unique, Taylor

HF: Powell, Zurhaar, Greenwood

F: Curtis, Larkey, Zibel

Fall: Goldstein, Simpkin, Horne-Francis

I/C: Anderson, Walker, Coleman-Jones, Turner, Goat, Lazaro, Perez, Hall.

In: Corr, Young, Curtis, Goat, Perez, Hall

Out: Bonnar, Spicer (both out), Archer (injured).


B: McCarthy, Rampe, McCarthy

HB: Lloyd, Fox, Florent

C: McInerney, Mills, Stephen

HF: Hayward, Reid, Gulden

F: Papley, Franklin, Henny

Fall: Hickey, Warner, Parker

I/C: Blakey, Clarke, Rowbottom, Roberts, Ladhams, MacDonald, Ronke, Kennedy.

In: Roberts, McDonald, Ladhams, Ronke

Out: Amartey (Omitted)

Brisbane at Carlton

Sunday, August 7 at 3:20 p.m. in Gabba


B: Gardiner, Adams, Rich

HB: Starcevich, Andrews, Coleman

C: Bailey, Zorko, McCloughage

HF: Rayner, Hipwood, McCarthy

F: McStay, Daniher, Cameron

Fall: McInerney, Neale, Berry

I/C (from): Lohmann, Ah Chi, Robinson, Lyons, Prior, Fort, Matheson, Reply

In: Rich, Starcevich, Lohmann, Prior

Out: Cockatoo (Omitted)


B: Saad, L. Young, Docherty

HB: Marchbank, Weitering, McGovern

C: Cottrell, Cripps, Serra

HF: O’Brien, McKay, Oates

F: Motlop, Curnow, Silvagni

Fol: Pitonet, Walsh, Fisher

I/C: Martin, Setterfield, Durdin, De Koning, Dow, Fogarty, Kemp, Newnes.

In: Marchbank, Martin, Fogarty, Dow, Kemp, Newnes

Outs: Kennedy, Newman (both injured), Plowman (out).

West Coast v Adelaide

Sunday 7th August at 4.10pm at Optus Stadium


B: Hurn, Barrasse, Duggan

HB: Hough, Edwards, Jones

C: Waterman, Kelly, Gaff

HF: Ryan, Darling, Cripps

F: Williams, Kennedy, Rioli

Fol: Naitanui, Reden, Shui

I/C: Langdon, Petrevsky-Seton, O’Neill, Foley, Nelson, Bazzo, Clarke, Dixon.

In: Kennedy, Langdon, Petrevski-Seton, Bazzo, Nelson, Clark

Outs: Petrusel, West (both injured), Cooley (suspended).


For: Worrell, Boots, Hamill

HB: Smith, Murray, Dawson

C: Hinge, Laird, Jones

HF: McAdam, Fogarty, Keys

F: Miller, Walker, Murphy

Fall: O’Brien, Berry, Schoenberg

I/C: Davies, Frampton, Hate, Soligo, Himmelberg, Parnell, McHenry, Scholl.

In: Frampton, Hately, Sholl

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