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Carlton are without Tom de Koning, Will Setterfield and Paddy Dow for Saturday’s must-win game against Melbourne.

The Blues will bring Mark Pitonet into the side alongside Liam Stoker, while they have named Patrick Cripps as the centre, who is awaiting his fate at the AFL Appeals Board.

The Western Bulldogs have dropped Alex Keith for the second time this season, with Ryan Gardner coming into the side in his place, Lachie Hunter and Stefan Martin returning.

Key forward Josh Bruce was directed.

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Meanwhile, North Melbourne have made two selection announcements, with Hugh Greenwood, Jason Horne-Francis and Josh Walker left out of the side to face Adelaide on Saturday.

It was confirmed on Wednesday that veteran midfielder Ben Cunnington will play his first AFL game in 13 months, while Ben McKay and Jackson Archer will also return.

A dangerous field can face the sun 01:17

Geelong will be boosted by the return of their quartet of Patrick Dangerfield, Joel Selwood, Mark Blicavs and Gary Rohan to face the Suns. But they managed Mitch Duncan, Isaac Smith and Mark O’Connor, while Luke Dahlhaus (left) and John Seglar (middle sub) were also not named.

Brisbane went to the Jacks – Jackson Prior and Jackson Payne – to replace injured duo Marcus Adams and Callum Ah Chin in their first match against the Saints.

St Kilda veteran Dan Hanbury remains ‘set’ for Friday night’s clash with the Lions after suffering an ankle injury last round.

Fremantle have opted to bring Sam Switkowski straight into the senior squad with little pressure on him to play his first AFL game since round 13.

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Bomber Dylan Shiel, as well as forwards Todd Marshall and Mitch Georgiades, have been called up for Sunday’s Essendon-Port Adelaide clash.

Shane Edwards (Richmond), Liam Shiels (Hawthorn), Peter Ladhams (Sydney) and Ollie Henry (Collingwood) have all been named on the extended bench for their matches on Sunday.

Round 22 AFL teams


Friday, August 12 at 7:50 p.m. at Marvel Stadium


For: D. Howard, J. Webster, C. Wilkie

HB: J. Sinclair, J. Lienert, B. Patton

C: M. Wood, B. Crouch, N. Wanganeen-Milera

HF: B. Long, B. Hill, T. Membrey

F: C. Sharman, M. King, J. Higgins

Follow-up: R. Marshall, S. Ross, J. Steele – C

I/C: M. Windager, H. Clarke, M. Owens, D. Butler

Emer: Z. Jones, T. Campbell, D. Joyce, R. Byrnes

In: J. Lienert, N. Wanganeen-Milera

Outs: J. Battle (injured), D. Hanbury (managed), Z. Jones (out).


In: D. Gardiner, J. Payne, D. Rich

HB: B. Starcevich, H. Andrews, K. Coleman

C: Z.Bailey, D.Zorko – C, H.McCluggage

HF: C. Rayner, E. Hipwood, L. McCarthy

F: D. McStay, J. Daniher, C. Cameron

Followed by: O. McInerney, L. Neale, J. Berry

I/C: J. Lyons, J. Prior, R. Mathieson, N. Answer

Emer: K. Lohmann, J. Tunstill, D. Fort, R. Lester

In: J. Payne, J. Prior

Outs: M. Adams (injured), C. Ah Chee (injured), M. Robinson (managed).

Western Bulldogs v GWS Giants

Saturday August 13 at 1:45pm at Marvel Stadium


In: E. Richards, R. Gardner, Z. Cordy

HB: C. Daniels, S. Darcy, B. Dale

C: J. McCrae, T. Liberatore, B. Smith

HF: R. West, J. Ugle-Hagan, J. Dundley

F: C. Weightman, A. Naughton, L. Vandermeer

Contributors: T. English, M. Bontempelli-C, A. Trelor

I/C: L. Hunter, S. Martin, L. McNeill, B. Williams.

Emer: J. Schache, R. Garcia, R. Smith, A. Keath

In: R. Gardner, L. Hunter, S. Martin

Outs: A.Keath (out), R.Garcia (out), J.Bruce (managed), T. McLean (med-sub)


In: I. Cummings, S. Taylor, N. Hynes

HB: A. Kennedy, L. Keeffe, H. Perryman

C: L.Ash, J.Kelly – C, L.Whitfield

HF: C.Brown, H.Himmelberg, J.Riccardi

F: T. Bruhn, J. Hogan, D. Lloyd

Followed by: K.Briggs, J.Hopper, S.Coniglio

I/C: T. Green, L. Aller, C. Ward, J. Stein

Emer: C. Hamilton, X. O’Halloran, C. Fleeton, W. Derksen

In: C. Brown, J. Stein

Out: T. Green (injured), J. Pettling (injured), B. Preuss (injured).

Adelaide v North Melbourne

Saturday, August 13, 2:10 at Adelaide Oval


For: J. Worrell, J. Butts, T. Doedee

HB: B.Smith – C, N.Murray, J.Dawson

C: M. Hinge, R. Laird, C. Jones

HF: S. McAdam, D. Fogarty, J. Soligo

F: W. Miller, T. Walker, L. Murphy

The following: R. O’Brien, S. Berry, B. Keays

I/C: R. Thilthorpe, P. Parnell, N. McHenry, H. Schoenberg

EMER: M. Crouch, B. Davis, J. Rowe, E. Himmelberg

In: T. Doedee, R. Thilthorpe

Outs: W. Hamil (injured), E. Himelberg (out), B. Davies (med-sub).


B: K. Dawson, B. McKay, La. Young

HB: A. Hall, A. Corr, L. McDonald

C: B. Scott, L. Davies-Uniacke, T. Powell

HF: J. Stephenson, C. Zurhar, J. Ziebel – C

F: P. Curtis, N. Larkey, C. Coleman-Jones

Followed by: T. Goldstein, J. Simpkin, B. Cunnington

I/C: J. Anderson, C. Taylor, J. Archer, C. Lazzaro

EMER: A. Bosenavulagi, H. Greenwood, J. Walker, J. Goater

In: B. McKay, B. Cunnington, J. Archer

Outs: H. Greenwood (out), J. Horne-Francis (out), J. Walker (out), F. Perez (medi-sub).


Saturday, August 13, 4:35 at Metric Stadium


B: M. Andrews, S. Collins, J. Farrar

HB: J. Lucosius, C. Graham, B. Ellis

C: S. Lemons, T. Miller, E. Hollands

HF: B. Ainsworth, M. Chol, I. Rankin

F: M. Rosas, L. Casboult, D. Swallow

Followed by: J.Witts – C, M.Rowell, N.Anderson

I/C: A.Davies, S.Day, S.Flanders, D.Macpherson

Emer: R. Atkins, J. Bowes, B. Fiorini, J. Sharp

In: S.Day, S.Flanders

Outs: J. Sharpe (out), N. Holman (injured), R. Atkins (med-sub).


B: Z. Guthrie, S. De Koning, J. Bews

HB: J.Kolodjashnij, T.Swart, J.Henry

C: G. Miers, P. Dangerfield, J. Selwood – C

HF: B.Close, J.Cameron, T.Stengle

F: S. Menegola, T. Hawkins, T. Atkins

Followed by: R. Stanley, C. Guthrie, B. Parfitt

I/C: Z. Tuohy, M. Blicavs, M. Holmes, G. Rohan.

Emer: M. Knevitt, E. Ratulea, L. Dahlhaus, M. O’Connor

In: P. Dangerfield, J. Selwood, M. Blicavs, G. Rohan

Outs: L. Dahlhaus (out), M. Duncan (managed), I. Smith (managed), M. O’Connor (managed), J. Seglar (med-sub).

Melbourne v Carton

Saturday, August 13, 7.25pm ​​at the MCG


In: T. Rivers, J. Lever, H. Petty

HB: T. Sparrow, S. May, J. Jordon

C: C. Salem, C. Oliver, E. Langdon

HF: A. Brayshaw, B. Fritsch, A. Neal-Bullen

F: C. Spargo, B. Brown, K. Pickett

Follower: M.Gawn – C, J.Vini, C.Petracca

I/C: L.Jackson, M.Hibberd, J.Melksham, J.Hunt

Emmer: J. Harms, B. Laurie, A. Tomlinson, J. Van Rooyen

Inside: None

Out: J. Harms (Med-Sub)


B: A. Saad, J. Weitering, S. Docherty

HB: C. Marchbank, M. McGovern, Le. Young

C: L. O’Brien, P. Cripps – C, J. Newnes

HF: Z. Fisher, H. McKay, J. Silvagni

F: M. Owies, C. Curnow, C. Durdin

Followed by: M. Pittonet, A. Cerra, S. Walsh

I/C: L.Stocker, M.Cottrell, J.Martin, J.Motlop

EMER: P. Dow, B. Kemp, T. De Koning, W. Setterfield

In: M. Pittonet, L. Stoker

Out: W Setterfield (out), TD Koning (out), P. Dow (out).


Saturday 13th August at 7.40pm at Optus Stadium


For: B. Walker, B. Cox, J. Clark

HB: H. Young, A. Pearce – C, L. Ryan

C: J. Aish, A. Bryshaw, B. Acker

HF: L. Schultz, S. Switkowski, D. Tucker

F: M. Frederick, R. Loeb, M. Walters

Followed by: S. Darcy, W. Brodie, C. Serong

I/C: N. O’Driscoll, G. Logue, D. Mundy, H. Chapman.

Emer: B. Banfield, L. Meek, L. Henry, E. Hughes

In: S. Switkowski

Out: M. Taberner (injured), L. Henry (medi-sub).


B: S. Hurn, T. Barrass, R. Bazzo

HB: L. Duggan, H. Edwards, J. Jones

C: L. Foley, L. Shuey – C, A. Gaff

HF: J. Cripps, J. Darling, Z. Langdon

F: J. Waterman, H. Dixon, L. Ryan

Followers: N. Naitanui, J. Reden, X. O’Neill

I/C: S. Petrevsky-Seton, B. Howe, J. Nelson, J. Rotham.

Emer: I. Winder, B. Williams, G. Clarke, P. Naish

In: H.Dixon, J.Nelson, J.Rotham

Out: B.Williams (out), T.Kelly (suspended), J.Kennedy (managed), W.Rioli (personal reason).

Richmond v Hawthorne

Sunday, August 14, 1:10pm at the MCG


B: N. Broad, N. Balta, R. Tarrant

HB: L. Baker, N. Vlastuin, D. Rioli

C: M. Pickett, T. Cotchin, K. McIntosh

HF: J. Castagna, J. Short, S. Bolton

F: J. Riewoldt, N. Cumberland, T. Lynch

Follower: T.Nankervis – C, D.Prestia, T.Sonsie

I/C (from): J. Ross, B. Miller, M. Rioli, J. Gibkes, J. Graham, S. Edwards, I. Soldo, R. Mansell.

In: S. Edwards, I. Soldo, R. Mansell

Outside: None


For: J. Sisley, J. Blanc, D. Grainger-Barras

HB: J.Scrimshaw, B.Hardwick, W.Day

C: J Ward, C. Nash, H. Morrison

HF: J. Impey, D. Moore, J. O’Meara

F: J. Koschitzke, J. Gunston, L. Breust

FOLL: B.McEvoy – C, J.Newcombe, T.Mitchell

I/C (from): E. Jeka, F. Maginness, J. Serong, L. Shiels, C. Macdonald, J. Callow, D. Howe, J. Saunders.

In: L. Shiels, J. Callow, D. Howe, J. Saunders

Out: S. Buttler (left out).

Sydney Swans v Collingwood

Sunday, August 14, 3:20pm at the SCG


For: D.Rampe, T.McCartin, R.Fox

HB: J. Lloyd, P. McCartin, O. Florent

C: R. Clarke, J. Rowbottom, C. Mills – C

HF: W. Hayward, S. Reid, E. Gulden

F: T. Papley, L. Franklin, I. Heaney

Follower: T. Hickey, C. Warner, L. Parker

I/C (from): N.Blakey, L.McDonald, D.Stephens, J.McInerney, J.Bell, W.Gould, P.Ladhams, B.Campbell

In: W. Gould, J. Bell, P. Ladhams, B. Campbell

Out: B.Ronke (Medi-Sub)


In: N. Murphy, D. Moore, J. Howe

HB: S.Pendlebury – C, I.Quaynor, J.Crisp

C: W. Hoskin-Elliott, B. Maynard, S. Sidbotham.

HF: J. Elliott, A. Johnson, N. Daicos

F: B. McCreery, B. Mihocek, J. De Goey

Followed by: D.Cameron, J.Daicos, P.Lipinski

I/C (from): T. Bianco, J. Noble, O. Henry, C. Brown, W. Kelly, J. Guinnivan, J. Carmichael, M. Cox.

In: O. Henry, C. Brown, W. Kelly

Outside: None


Sunday, August 14, 4:40 at Marvel Stadium


B: Z. Merrett, J. Laverde, B. Zerk-Thatcher

HB: M. Redman, J. Kelly, N. Hind

C: N. Martin, d. Shiel, D. Heppel – C

HF: M. Guelfi, S. Durham, A. Perkins

F: P. Wright, J. Stronger, J. Swart

Followed by: S.Draper, A.McGrath, D.Parish

I/C (from): J. Ridley, Z. Reid, B. Hobbs, T. Cutler, M. D’Ambrosio, J. Caldwell, N. Bryan, K. Langford

In: D. Shiel, Z. Reid, T. Cutler, J. Caldwell, N. Bryan

Outs: W Snelling (injured), H Jones (out).


For: R. Burton, T. Jonas – C, J. Burgoyne

HB: D. Byrne-Jones, A. Aliir, D. Houston

C: K. Ammon, T. Bock, X. Duresma

HF: Z. Butters, M. Georgiades, K. Farrell

F: T. Marshall, C. Dixon, S. Powell-Pepper

Following: J. Finlayson, O. Wynes, C. Rozzi

I/C (from): T.McKenzie, M.Bergman, R.Bonner, W.Drew, O.Lord, J.McEntee, T.Dumont, J.Mead

In: M. Georgiades, T. Marshall, O. Lord, T. Dumont, J. Mead

Out: R. Gray (managed), B. Teakle (left out).

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