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New South Wales took a 26-12 lead after 63 minutes.

Queensland opened the scoring with a beautiful pass from Kalin Ponga that gave the Blues the lead.

NSW were awarded a back-to-back penalty kick that opened the scoring in the 11th minute for Nathan Kerry.

Sunday, June 26

Sunday, June 26

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In the 22nd minute, Maruns forced Felix Kaufusi to make the first attempt, but the Blues’ first goal came a few minutes later through Matt Burton.

Queensland regained the lead within half an hour when Cameron Munster converted another try.

In the 39th minute, Kaufisi reduced the pressure on his own line and released the Blues and Brian Too paid for the next game.

NSW must win to send the series to the finals and Daniel Tupou scored the first attempt of the second half after 10 minutes of continuous pressure.


58th minute

Jarom Lui dances and tells Queenslanders to score from 20 yards out.

“That marker was played by Gaga, relaxed for a fraction of a second and the gap opened. Jarom Lui creates something out of nothing, ”said Andrew Jones.

“You can’t tell the fatigue from your house but these people are completely on their feet.”

49th minute

The Blues were confident of a recurring set before Cameron Munster’s magical game.

Mስተርnster took the ball an inch from the ground and escaped with a move to Kurt Capewell.

“Cameron Munster was special,” Matt Thompson commented.

“There is only one genius in the world who thinks so,” replied Andrew Jones.

However, the Blues returned to the field and Daniel Tupu’s free-kick was deflected by Nathan Kerry.

“He had to come, a lot of field layout and being in a garbage can with a cupboard under the pump,” Jones said.

46th minute

The Blues were putting pressure on the Queensland line to stop the game by throwing Stephen Cristton’s cross from the edge of the box.

The Marons are still playing with someone but their gritty defense was terrifying.

“They are working well together in defense,” said Andrew Jones.

Too Kafisi will be capitalized later! | 01:07

39th minute

Queensland striker Felise Kaufusi has been controversial in reducing his own goal-scoring feud.

“This is great. Frequent violations and Felise Kaufusi going to the Sinai dump here.

The DCE argued that the violations were different, but Ashley Klein said it was unacceptable to throw the whole ball.

NSW wasted no time in getting the most out of it with Brian Too.

“I’m sorry, I hope he doesn’t decide the game. I hate the reservoirs of sin in good time, let alone the beginning, ”said Phil Gould in half an hour.

30th minute

Kalin Ponga crossed the field and threw the dummy that he saw breaking his left wing before finding Valentine Homs inside.

Holmes has attracted James Tedeson and who is supporting him? Cameron Munster, of course, was undefeated.

27th minute

Matt Burton found the back of the net after Nathan Kerry’s cross found the back of the net.

“It was great to see Matt Burton know that this shot comes from reading Cleary’s play,” said Cameron Smith.

Queensland Biggest VILLAIN Point First | 00:28

22nd minute

The Marons opened the scoring with a short pass from Kalin Ponga to Felise Cafusi by Fulbach James Tedesco.

“Outsiders in NSW were whispering about the pass, but it was a beautiful pass,” said Andrew Jones.

“He has great ability, he can move quickly on the field and he can make his hands nice and smooth, which is equivalent to good short passes.

“This is a great feature – fast on foot and soft on hands.”

16th minute

Dale Cherry-Evans left the Blues’ defense and set up a goal for Selvin Kobo but could not respond in time.

“He was surprised. I don’t know what Brian Too will do there, ”said Andrew Jones.

10th minute

James Tedesco successfully defrauded Leah Martin, who was snatched away by Felix Kaufis, and a few minutes later the Marons were stripped again.

Nathan Cryri came up and put the score at two points to lead 2-0 after 12 minutes.

6th minute

After the Marons were blocked by the Blues and Cameron Munster set up a corner kick, but it was well saved by Brian Too.

3rd minute

Nathan Cray Cameron Munster was unable to convert the ball into the back of the net.

A loose pass came up along the touch line on Brian Too’s wing.

1st minute

The song “New South Wales” rose in Perth in the first 60 seconds but was a terrific start to the Maroons.

A number of Blues strikers collapsed during their opening game, with Maron’s compulsive Josh Papali touching the ball for the first time and beating Payne Hassan.

“I’ve never seen him hit Payne Hass like this before,” Andrew Jones said in a statement.

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Blues 5 Reef calls annoyed | 01 ፡ 57

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NSW Blues1. James Tedesco (c), 2. Brian To, 3. Matt Burton, 4. Stephen Creekton, 5. Daniel Tupu, 6. Jarom Lui, 7. Nathan Crie, 8. Pain Has, 9. Apisay Corissa, 10. Jack Trobojevich, 11. Cameron Murray, 12. Liam Martin, 13. Isaiah Eu, 14. Damien Cook, 15. Angry Christchton, 16. Jr. Paul, 17. Siocefa the Great, 18. Nicos Haynes

Queensland Marons1. Kalin Ponga, 2. Selvin Kobo, 3. Valentine Holmes, 4. Dane Gagai, 5. Murray Taulagi, 6. Cameron Munster, 7. Daly Cherry-Evans (c), 8. Lindsay Collins, 9. Ben Hunt 10 Josh Papali, 11. Kurt Capewell, 12. Felise Kafusi, 13. Tino Fasumalewu, 14. Harry Grant, 15. Jay Bow, 16. Patrick Carigan, 17. Jeremiah Nanai, 18. Tom Darden

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